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Oh God, day 6 is killing me!

I keep thinking that I cant smoke, I dont want to go through day 3.4.5 again. But today......well today has just been horrible. I havent dared to leave the house in case I buy some. When oh when does this feeling go away. When will I wake up and not think Oh God Im not smoking again today!

I feel annoyed and tired today. I DONT want to smoke, I really dont so I dont understand why Im feeling like this today.

Your posts as always are an inspiration to me, everyday I read whatever day is relevant to me and they do help, I just want this feeling to stop.

Hmmmmm that feels better already!

lillie x

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Hi Lillie

I seem to remember posting messages very similar to yours :o

Everyone kept saying, hang on it will get easier, and at the time I remember thinking for god's sake when, tell me when people !! It felt like it would never end at the time and every hour dragged by.

Looking back I think my turnaround Day was on Day 9, I'm sure it's different for everyone but I definitly remember it was the Day when calmness arrived back in my life. I'm not saying it was plain sailing after that, but everything just felt much calmer and easier to cope with. I can confirm that it's true when everyone here says, hang on in there, it gets much easier, it really really does :)



Hi Lillie,

Oh the joys of Days 3,4,5, NOT!! Strangely enough Day 6 was okay for me, it was Day 7 that was horrendous and I nearly caved in. But once I had completed the first week I felt so much better, and had a great few days after that. So hang on in there like Pip says and look forward to a 'breather' of some easier days:) Course it is not all plain sailing after that - Day 12 was bad and I am just coming down from a meltdown on Day 20 which I might post about later, but I am still smoke-free. So it seems that once you get past week one you will have more good days together, and the good days are more often than the bad days. Seems to be a pattern in the process we are going through, so best to just see it as a process. After all, if it stayed really bad forever nobody would ever stop smoking:)

Stay strong,



Hi Lillie

You ARE doing really well...this moment will pass.

I don't know if these will be of any interest to you, but maybe they're worth a look...

1. Allen Carr's book - Easyway To Stop Smoking (read the reviews on Amazon...they're inspiring in themselves)

2. Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) - Have a look on Youtube, type in EFT to quit smoking. Even if you think it looks ridiculous or won't work for you, the routine is something to do to take your mind of things!

3. I listened to Paul Mackenna Stop Smoking hypnosis cd last has been really calm for me. Again even if you're sceptical its something to do!! You can probably download it as an MP3.

Good luck

Lizziex (Day 3 Champix plus all of the above!)


Hi Lillie

All of the above advice is true! It is still early days at the moment, but get through these and you will find yourself getting stronger and stronger. You are nearly through the most intense period of your quit. I can honestly say that my greatest motivation for not lapsing is to avoid going through those first two weeks again!

Keep reading, and keep posting - we have all been through this, and understand what you are going through. But it will be worth it, and it won't be too long now until you are able to see an improvement.

There is really no escape - this is a horrible process to go through because we have all spent years nurturing this addiction to bring ourselves to this point. But what is the alternative?

Revisit your reasons for quitting - they were very compelling when you wrote them, and they all still apply just as strongly today. I so hope you have a calmer and more hopeful day tomorrow.


Thank you ladies xx

Pip thats what I wanted to scream....when will it stop! I dont know when it will stop but I know I still havent smoked. Elizabeth Ive downloaded Paul McKenna so will listen to it in bed this evening.

I know it will get easier, Im finding it easier and tpougher at the same time. Easier as I am staying with my family after a major operation so I have company and support and no stess from work, harder because my mum still smokes.

No matter I will do it this time, I have no choice. I know that if I dont stop now I will never try again and having been diagnosed with COPD the next stop is emphazema and that is not going to happen.

Again thank you to you all for your support, it inspires me and makesme stronger.

lillie xx


The first days are super tough but each "battle" you win will make you stronger. Of course you won't feel like this forever otherwise all the long term quitters would be INSANE by now lol. I read that although the nicotine leaves your body in about 3 days the cravings peak at about 5-7 days (about where you are now) physical withdrawal continues for about 3 weeks. After 3 weeks its ony psychological stuff and you should feel a lot better. Hope this helps :)


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