No Smoking Day
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Thought i would drop in and say hi.

Hope all my pals are doing well and still kicking the evil stickman where it hurts.

I am wobbling along still. Good days and bad.

I will soon be spending more time here as am on waiting list for replacement knee surgery. They said list isnt very long so hoping will be soon.

Had a set to with some farm machinery this morn and ended up with broken driver side window on my little car. Was driving opposite way to said farm vehicle and he was chucking mud off his wheels as he went..stone went through window.

knew who he was so went to see him. He didn't believe that insurace has £70 excess so taking my insurance and copy of receipt to him. Said he would talk to his insurers. Max if you are about is this sort of thing something i could report?

Have had headache all day. Think its mr stick man again

Be back soon

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