Day 4 Update From Jay

Today is miles better than yesterday and thank you so much for your replies which all made perfect sense and made me re-think my attitude to what I was doing and why I was doing it. Also helped I think that I was in work all day today and am now about to go run my socks off, shower and treat myself to a glass of wine. Sleep was a little better last night but not much and the dreams not so awful. Have decided if they don't go away by about Saturday and my normal sleep pattern doesn't return, I will go on the 16 hour patch instead of the 24 I am using now. Best wishes and Good luck for today to you nice people out there.:)

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  • Hi Jay

    Glad today's been a better one :)

  • Hi Jay

    So pleased you are having a better day today hun :)

    Well done for staying with us. Hope the run was fun, cant beat exercise to take your mind of the cravings.



  • Well done Jay-you are doing mighty fine x:p

  • Nice one Jay, past halfway on your first week! Don't forget to keep giving yourself those little treats; they act as an incentive to keep going and, of course, cheer you up if you're feeling down. Stay strong!

  • You are doing brilliantly and you are now over the worst which makes it even better!

  • How is day 5 for you Jay? Almost at the end of 1 week, hang in there :)



  • Day 5 And Still Hanging In There

    5 days without a ciggie isn't a long time in real terms but to me it could be 5 months or 5 years. You guys are so supportive I don't know how to thank you. Had a set back this evening and I needed a cig not because I wanted one (am getting my nicotine quota from patches) but because I was depressed about something else! Needless to say am still "clean" but made me realise that most of my life ciggies have been a crutch like one would have been tonight. Will I still feel like this in 5 weeks or 5 months time?? Any long termer out there got the answer? :confused:

  • Well done Jay for sticking to your guns and not giving in to the Nicodemon.

    I think a lot of us can say the same as you hun and that all of my adult life has been as a smoker, so its going to be a hard habit to break but it is possible and we will do it.

    As to your last question, im afraid i cant answer that as im only on just reaching my first month.

    Just read a post from a 5 monther and it seems that even at that stage we will still have the odd wobbly day but from what i can gather they are very few and far between.



  • Denise, congratulations a whole month, you must be very pleased and proud - you have three more weeks experience than me so I will be counting on you!! At the moment, it being Friday, am sipping red wine and chewing a nicotine chewing gum, odd combination I know but it works for me. Thanks for all your replies during my first week. You and the others on this Forum have helped me enormously and I am glad to report that once I finally fell asleep last night I didn't wake until this morning and according to my hubby I didn't move all night!! and as a bonus my dreams weren't so horrific as they have been. My big lesson to learn now is Life can be enjoyed without a ciggie. I tended to light up when I needed to think about something, when I was happy/sad about something etc. etc. etc. In fact thinking about it I lighted up "just because" like tonight I would have lighted up because I was depressed about something!!!! The ciggie wouldn't have taken the problem away it would just have been a vent for my feelings/emotions. And you know what the GREAT thing is - I wouldn't have ****ysed this without the help of the Forum - everyone's input just makes you think more about why you smoke and it kind of puts things in prospective. Sorry about the garble but I seem to be on a roll (excuse the pun) - Put it down to the :)wine or the nicotine gum!! Kind regards Jay

  • Thank you Jay and like you its the help and support of people on here that have kept me going.

    You are doing so well hun, and have given support yourself to others on here.

    The great thing about these forums is we are all going through the same, some further along the way then others but all have experienced the side effects at some point that others are experiencing, who better to give advise then those that are going through the same.

    Anyway any wine left Jay? Would love to join you but i dont have the courage to face the Nico Demon when intoxicated lol. Not just yet anyway :)

    Have a fab weekend



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