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Ten Days, 9 Hours and 54 Minutes Update

Still going!!

Evenings seem to be the bad time for me. Trying to learn guitar, watch films and eating! I am pretty slim so could do with putting on a few pounds anyway :-).

Anyway, getting slightly easier and easier as days go on but smoking is still at the forefront of my mind.

Hope everyone is all ok and keeping strong!

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Hi Knightm :D

Double figures that's a nice milestone to hit well done you

I'm glad to hear that it's getting a little easier for you now

It's normal to think about smoking at this stage of your quit after all it was a very large part of our lives for varying amounts of time but this to will pass in time

Keep it going


Marg xx


Today seems to be getting harder and harder. Been in and out of meetings but nothing stressful.

Hmmmm wonder why....

Fuzzy head and grinding teeth. Its strange how it just comes over you all of a sudden. Was not even thinking of smoking


Even while its like this you just have to get on with it sadly.

I find sometimes, you start thinking of something, then it hits you square between the eyes... makes you a bit erratic.

Deep breathing *in*... 'In with the good'... hold....'Out with the bad'... repeat as many times as you need. Focus on calmness.. its a state of mind where you wish to be... see if that helps ?

Works for me? even if i do look like a prize plonker in the middle of an office. Anyone has a problem with that? tough eh! :)

If it gets really bad, go for a wander.. and picture something nice in your mind as you walk. My happy thought is a hammock between two palm tree's on a nice island, me in it.. as the sun is going down.

Don't underestimate the cravings though, even if you are not thinking of smoking, the addiction can totally frazzle your head sometimes.

The main thing is.. you don't give in to it.

Good luck

(and just so you know your not alone? read my post today in month 2 for day 40... it can happen.. any time)


yeah saw your post earlier.

Its not nice is it. Will make us stronger in the end I am sure.

Just going to look up some 'Benefits of giving up' on the web. Seems to help reading them over and over again.

My footy team are playing in Europe tonight. That should be another test!! :-)


yeah, but reading in much later forums you definitely get the idea that it gets much much much better and however bad we think we got it right now, our own stubbornness and determination will pay off if we stick to our guns.

There is hope for us, we just have to work at it.

Yet tomorrow? we may even find that its 300% better than our today.. and thats just in 1 day.


Well its Friday, so thats a start!!


ahh that friday feeling.. yep that's definitely a good start


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