No Smoking Day
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Day 29

At midnight tomorrow night I will not have had a real cig for a whole month!

Ive had my days,really bad days. Ive wanted to scream, shout and cry but I seem to be settling down now. Ive got my tank, its not an electronic cigarette, its a photon tank lol. It doesn't look like a ciggie, its more like the inhalator except you can see the liquid. Im still on 11 mgs of nicotine but a 10ml bottle is the rough equivalent of 20 cig and Ive used hardly any of it.

In 2 weeks time Im moving down to 8mgs and I will keep moving down until Im on 0%.

I didn't want to use anything that had to be sucked on, I wanted to break that hand to mouth habit, but first things first. Get off the nicotine and then worry about hand to mouth.

Anyway I don't know if I could have gotten this far without it, in fact after the day of madness when I really upset my son I know I couldn't. Peace is ruling my home again and I care about how I affect my family. I suffer with depression and I couldn't cope with causing any more hurt.

So anyway, midnight tomorrow I will be a happy bunny, 1 month down and many more to come.

Lillie x

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What an achievement, well done! You must feel so proud. As it is often said, the important part is getting there in the best wait that suits you. Congratulations for tomorrow!


Thank you Marta. Also have to say I couldn't have made it this far without the support I get from my family and friends. Im customer service desk manager, if you have been into a Tesco you will know we sell cigs from there too, my staff woudnt let me buy them even if I begged, Its good though because when people buy multiple packs I get a buzz knowing Im not spending that amount of money on them anymore.



How wonderful your on your way,

It's a great feeling when we learn we can do the big stuff, and not smoking is massive.

Hou you stop smoking doesn't matter, it does not matter how you get there just as long as you do,

So feel good my lovely and proud your doing great well done :):)


Lillie, your strength is phenomenal. It is so hard to resist when surrounded by tobacco products. Baby steps are definitely working for you. Congratulations on getting this far, it's not easy and credit where it's due - massive respect :D


Well done Lillie on your one month quit!!!.....xxxx


Well done Lillie, you had every chance to give it up when you had that row at home, nicely turned around ;)


Thank you everyone your help and support is immensely important to me and I do appreciate it.

Lillie xxx


Hey Lils

I've just read your last few posts, what shines through is that you have said 'you feel different' this time round. I can't begin to tell you the importance of this 'key word' It's very relevant. This sounds 'like the one' Lillie.

Fi x


Laughing@Lils. Only one other person calls me lils and it always makes me smile. He called me Lil and is lucky to be alive so he added the s to the end :D


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