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Day 5!!


So today was day 5 and im so pleased it was better than yesterday. I only had a few cravings which didnt really bother me. It was mostly the whole 'id love a smoke while driving home' or 'im bored gonna nip out for a smoke'. Im heading out tonight on the drink. Tonight will be a real test...BUT Idont want to experience that groggy feeling or heavy chest feeling you get with smoking again. So i just have to remember that!!

This week is flying in!! Im already feeling better...loads more energy already. Keep getting leg cramps though...but I dunno if they are connected at all?

Hope everyone has a great night too!!

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Hey look at you nearly a week, your on your way, and dong great, keep reading and learning, and posting.

How great to be near the week mark

Congrats well done, keep going:(

Sorry meant to be smiley face:)

Day 5 doing well

This quit has been easier than my priors and this time using no nrt. Imagine that.:cool:

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