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Into week 6 I go

Just marking it down . I am currently on day 36 (22) so that means I am now through week 5 and into week 6. Had a few slight craves yesterday but I think I can put those down to tiredness. I don't need to say that I am not getting complacent and I am expecting some massive craves in the next couple of weeks but I am determined to best them if and when they come along.

Wishing everyone a happy smoke free day!!!

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Hey Mark, glad you're alright but what's with the figure in brackets?? :confused:


Figure in brackets is the time since my slip. I had gone back but it was incredibly frustrating and distracting me from my quest for freedom, so I took some advice and this sounded like a really good idea. So now I record both the days quit and days since my slip. That way I'm happy and those people who believe one draw puts you back to day 1 are happy. On the plus side, after that slip I am more determined than ever and would rather focus on the positive than be distracted by a negative.


Well said Mark, focus on positive, one slip doesn't make a fail, it makes you more determined, well done!


Oh OK then, just wondered...


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