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Where do I go at 5-6 months!?!?!?!?!!

Hi All

I've only just realised that I passed my 5 months on 14 September and I've just come on to find my 6 month room but not sure if I should be in the 6 months onwards if I'm not quite at 6 months!!!!

I went to the doctor as I still feel like I'm on the Champix - he sent me for blood tests and now I have high cholesterol :eek: - and I'm not surprised because I'm just loving food at the moment hehehe!!! So, still not smoking, not craving, not sleeping great but eating loads!!! I've now started walking to and from work and am going to Zumba mid week so hopefully the levels will come down and so will my weight!!!

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Hiya, I can't help with directions but I too have high cholesterol and high blood pressure, unfortunately mine is genetic but I still could do with losing a few pounds :o Walking and Zumba are both fab for getting the heart rate going, can you cycle as this is also wonderful exercise and great for all over fat loss.


Mine's not genetic and doc says it's recently high but I am recently overweight hahahaha!!! So will watch what I eat and the walk is 3 miles a day so I think with the Zumba that will suffice for now - would love to cycle but I'm in central London and I'm too scared to cycle :)


I know what you mean, my recent weight gain isn't genetic either :o everything just tastes so good now :p


Good stuff on the 5 months Jan! :D

If you look at the description on the main page, this room you are in now is for the 4th & 5th month.

You have completed months 4 & 5 and can now rightfully take your place in the 6 months plus room.

Pack your bags and get moving, the next move after this one will be the Penthouse! :cool:


Anywhere you like

After being smoke free for 6 months you can afford to go anywhere I am minted Lol


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