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No Smoking Day
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Revisited tastes

:p Marmite :p Just had it on toast and I'd forgotten how much I love this stuff. I don't think I've had it (apart from those wonderful little cheeses) for about 20 years. Last night we had another blast from the past, sausage casserole with mustard mash, it was grt lush. And the strange thing is the last time I ate either of those I was still a teenager and a non-smoker, now I always thought I had fine tuned my palate over the years but probably just dulled it. Now, I have a problem, does anyone know where I could find Blackcurrant Spangles, Nutty Bars and a shop that does a decent 10p mix-up pic4ever.com/images/149fs88...

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Slurrrrrrrrrp - Polo Fruits - yum :p I couldn't find spangles so these are the closest I could get - yum :)


LOL, my parents were really brassic when I was growing up, so you had to eat whatever was put in front of you and not allowed to leave the table until your plate was empty - I can pretty much eat anything, and sadly do :rolleyes:


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