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remind self i have taste buds

we had curry for dinner last night wasn feeling too great yesterday evening so didn feel like much, but what i did have was really lovely, so today has come and tonight we had the same dinner lamb curry omg, i needed a whole cup of water to just eat it, it was burning my mouth, oh was saying how was not hot i said well how would you know you have a fag mouth lol, but i was so so hungry i just ate it all with the help of the water, was sweating at the end of it lol. needed the ice cream for afters, but day 16 has been alot better xx

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Well done

mmmmmmm curry :cool: THATS WHAT I WANT LOL


Hi Mary :D

day 16 and so pleased it's better for you now and you've got the taste buds in gull working order again


Marg xx



I had the same thing... sooo much hotter... be careful of the amount of Chillis you put in your con carne too!!!! LOL!!!!

yum yum yum yu,m yum x


I'm finding that nothing tastes nice at all (well except chocolate). It's driving me nuts. I don't know if my taste buds just need to re adjust but I hope they do soon!


LOL just reminded me about the first curry I went out for at about 3 weeks and it burnt my mouth out LOL now have a milder version so I can eat it, and actually find I enjoy it better as its more flavoursome and I can eat more as dont have to pop out for a ciggy LOL

Oh there are so many joys of giving up but one little grumble is that I can smell every one who smokes and its disguting, and I feel like a right hypocrite LOL but who gives a sh** they should stop smoking and join us on here, Happy quitting to all xx


hi there

ive been stopped 6 days now,unlike a lot of other people,i have to say my food doesnt taste horrible,but i cant taste it any better than i could when i was may get better the longer i go hopefully.



have a chillie or a curry you may notice some difference lol well done anyway xxx


hi jamangie

yes lol there is that, but no i dont agree peop should stop smoking lol we need some to remind us how bad the stink is lol, it do stink an all dont it, so is this curry thing at 3 weeks a general sort of thing we all try...... wow is all i can say.

i have had flowers from my youngest boy he is 6 and they smell lovely all these wonderful things i have been missing or pretending to notice how sad is that....

just need my chest to get better now and i will be very happy.....xx


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