No Smoking Day
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My best effort for 4 years!

Morning everyone - well Day 3 has arrived. Poor nights sleep last night, but have a clearer head this morning - must be the chemical/poison rubbish leaving my body!

My teenagers haven't clocked that I am not smoking yet and so it will be interesting to see what reaction I get from them when they realise that I am not puffing on the demon... they will be pleased of that I am sure :D

My thoughts are turning on to getting through the weekend without succumbing.... all tips welcome.



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Keep on going, if you have managed these early days and recognise the triggers, you can be prepared for them today :)


Sounds good Gavin, the weekend keeps getting brought up on here though, is it the fact that people have more time on their hands? Or is it a "going out" thing? Either way, as Teflon says, it's just two more days to add to your early quit, so push through and enjoy a bit more freedom....;)


Hi Gavin, good to hear you've got to day 3, what I would do with the weekend coming is think ahead, you probably know your trigger points by now so avoid them if at all possible, when you do get a craving, water the plants, go for a walk, brush your teeth, punch a pillow, do a crossword, post on the forum or even do something really energetic for 30 seconds, jumping jacks/running on the spot, I found that puffed me out enough to forget the craving. The joke thread is also excellent aversion therapy ;) Good luck and keep going - you can do this :)


Hey Gavin

The 3 day marks is a great acheivement. For the weekend keep busy and just do the things you enjoy. You owe it to yourself. Also, what helped me get through the first weekend was knowing that cravings only lasted 3-5 mins , so they will soon pass once they arrive and the intensity gets less every time.


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