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My Day 4

Day 4 for me today. So far, it's been ok. Things are getting better. One thing that is becoming a bit of an issue for me is sleep!! I'm using the patches and change them before I go to bed as my first thing in the morning is my worst, I think. However, I'm not sleeping very well! I'm wide awake 90% of the night although I've got tears streaming down my face from all the yawning!! Anyone else had this? Any tips on what to do? I don't want to get so exhausted that things get on top of me and I give up? :( How are you all doing in your first week?

M xx

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Hi M, I didn't use patches so can't really advise, however many have said that if you take them off at bedtime it can help.

I am sure someone who used patches will be along to give better advice, you say that it is getter better overall, so hang on to that feeling.

Stay strong, good luck with day 4 and soon you will be moving up to weeks :D


Hi there,

I also use the patches and same as you had a problem with the insomnia, I took the patch off at night, and used the inhalator first thing in the morning seemed to work for me hang in there! well done on your 4 days:D



Hey - glad to see you're still hanging in there!

I'm still going - day 4 like you. And sleep is becoming a major issue. I have dark rings areound my eyes, and look like a friggin junkie.

Off to see the doc later to top up my Champix & see if he can give me anything to help with sleep. Its not funny not getting enough sleep is it. I'm waking up almost hourly and getting no quality snooze time. :(


I'm exactly the same..... And today it is taking it's toll!!! As the day goes on, I'm falling into an increasingly worse mood! I'm trying my hardest not to break! :mad: I'm starting to feel like I'm waiting to stop trying, and just have a cigarette!!! But I think that's probably just the bad-side talking! It's not a good day! I can officially say Day 4 has been my worst so far... :(


It will get better, hang on in there.

Remember your reasons, read the links, go for a walk, eat chocolate! whatever you need to do.

It is soooo worth it, stay strong and keep posting.


Yeh plz plz stay strong, your scaring the day two'ers lol. Seriously though, it has to be worth it, the sleep thing is annoying, i'm CT yet having funny nights, There has to be a cut off point where it all becomes a part of the past.

Good luck:)


I'm using patches and take it off at night. This had made no difference to my sleeping pattern, in fact I might be sleeping a bit more. I put a new patch on the minute I get up and to be honest I feel as though it starts to work straight away. Try taking it off before bed, see if this helps.:)


I never got why people would wear a patch at night, unless you smoked during the night too :confused:

If your worried about first thing in the morning, have it by the bed opened and ready to go, set alarm 10min's earlier, on waking grab patch, stick it on yer butt and press snooze for 10mins.

Should be sorted by the time you actually get up, no?


day 4 still happy .....ish

struggled a bit this morning i even had a rant when i got cut up on the motorway, told my self to chill out or ill be back on 50 a day :D

so pulled put a banana and chomped on that which obviosly didnt help.

im sleeping pretty good apart from i wake up before my alarm clock (4.15) :confused:

so i have a snooze during the day for 2 hours which kind of makes up loss sleep at night :D :D


Lack of sleep

Hi there,I too have had a hard time sleeping and I have never kept the patch on at night since starting. For some reason,I got a better sleep last night on night four and am now relieved to say I am nearing the end of day five.It can only get better so hang on in there.


For me the past few nights have been fitful sleeping, it is common during the quit according to whyquit - symptoms:


Trouble Sleeping or Insomnia

Nicotine is a powerful drug that affects subconscious thought, brain waves, the depth of sleep, and can even affect dreams. The disturbance of "normal" sleep patterns can occur during physical withdrawal or new patterns may be established as you return to your body's true level of need. You may find that you don't need nearly as much sleep as you did while smoking. Are you still tired or just sleeping less?


For me understanding what is happening makes it much more bearable.

Hang in there everything gets better or becomes normal eventually.


I have just logged on to that why quit that you put on your post Rubican. Iv saved it in fav . It answers a lot to how im feeling ,Thankyou . I will read and read that also .

Im going to go out to night , my way of thinking is ,why let the weed stop me from doing things and beat me ?????

Have a good evening all jan xxxx


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