Freedom Day 4

Hey y'all, how are we this evening? Alls ok here, been an ok day after a bit of a difficult morning but with the patch and a nicotine mini I got through it :D

Starting to feel nervous about the weekend coming up. For some reason, during previous quits, the monster seems to throw his worst at me from Friday evening :(

Just going to be prepared starting with an alcohol free weekend and plenty of reading as well as stalking this forum :D

Quote for today:

Decide that you want it more than you are afraid of it. ~Bill Cosby

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  • Hey Mrs M, Friday's only a day of the week, it's just chronology ;) you're doing great, nice positivity, keep it up......

  • Good evening MrsMash, I have become addicted to this forum and I honestly believe it's the reason I'm still smoke free, so use it and abuse it for all it's worth. I loved your a-r-s-e-h-o-l-e quote, I think I will save that one up for my boss :rolleyes: I know what you mean about weekends, they were the worst for me too, especially when my OH was still smoking, he always used to leave his baccy tin on the side in full view as well Grrrr. I survived by screaming, punching pillows, mints, gum, eating and jumping jacks - 30 seconds of those were enough to puff me out so much I couldn't face a fag. I even ignored the "Well, it's your choice to give up, if you can't handle it why bother?" comments. The most annoying thing of all though is the fact that the OH gave up six and a half weeks ago and has not had one craving or negative thought - I could quite happily slap the smug git but on the other hand, life is a lot easier now he's quit. If it wasn't for the forum, especially the joke thread, I don't think I'd be at 10.5 wks today. Keep up the good work and don't let that demon fool you into having a fag. ;)

  • Hahaha thanks for the post Jenninegs, the smug gir comment really made me lol!

    Quotes seem to be my new thing at the mo, reading a book called the execution of cigarettes and it's full of them!!

    As AngryBear has said it's only another day of the week :D

  • Well done MrsMash, i also have a weird day (sat) think its because all week i am on my own and don't think about cigs, and hubby at home smoking, but this sat will be different as its his quit day! Mwwahahahaha!! at least i hope it will be different either that or im just a moody cow on saturdays lol :D

  • Lol, I think I'll definitely need to try to convince the hubby to try again but at the same time, he has to do it when he's ready.

    This is my quit so it's up to me to battle on no matter what!

    I think once I hit a Friday home time I just think let the fun begin, which is usually defined by a fag and a glass of rose so the aim this weekend..... Find a new definition of fun lol

  • Thanks Kat, think I'm going to have a dry one this weekend! Have a party on fri night but it's my uncles 70th so think the tea will keep me going there lol then my nieces are staying on sat night so that will be a dry one anyway.

    Quite looking forward to a hangover free weekend will just have to treat myself in the form of chocolate :D

  • YAY the days are coming along nicely now :D

    On the other hand, others here refuse point blank to deny themselves a drink as well

    Know someone who did that - it was a bit hairy at times :eek::eek: so you're wise to avoid the booze if it's a big trigger for you!!

  • They sure are Gem!

    Yeah I'm determined to celebrate 7 days on Sunday, no stopping me now :D

  • They sure are Gem!

    Yeah I'm determined to celebrate 7 days on Sunday, no stopping me now :D

    That's fab, know how much you want this so you deserve it!!

  • I know what you mean I am dreading the weekend, we have a big night out on Friday with tight deadlines! My problem last time was alcohol, but I think not if I can control it and I am prepared for it. Unfortunately I could not think of a dry weekend! :p

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