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No Smoking Day
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Still smoke free 220 days

Over 7 months now and still smoke and smelly free. I have had a very hectic summer here in Spain with many family members out for their holidays, some of them heavy smokers, but not once did I even think of joining them. For those of you reading my post are at the beginning of your smoke free life take heart, I used to smoke at least 30 a day and I never believed I could become a non smoker. Oh yes the early weeks were tough and I did battle with myself quite a bit, but it gradually got easier and now I hardly ever think about smoking, and when I do it's with great joy that I am now in control. I can now hardly believe that I used to be a smoker. I have saved over 1300€. I do not smell and I don't need an oxygen tank strapped to my back when I exert myself. Yes I did gain weight, but I am now almost back to my pre quit weight.

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You are an inspiration, well done Jeannie you have my awe and respect. Now can I have some diet tips as I've put on about a stone in 10 weeks LOL. Seriously though, all newbies should read this post, it can be done and YOU did it. :D


Well done to you and thank you for a very inspiring post!:)


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