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No Smoking Day
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Day 13 and looking back

I did a search through my old posts tonight. I thought I would see how I coped on this day 2 years ago. I ended up ignoring my posts and looking for the people who had replied to me then, some are still here I think, some are gone.

I always felt as though I had let those people down when I started smoking again. The support I had both privately and publicly was immense, and helped me so much.

I used a so called crisis to start smoking again last time, it was a crisis actually but I smoked because I wanted to not because it was going to help me get through what was happening.

I hope that those who no longer write on this forum have stayed with their quit, I hope that they did better than I did and this time I wont be letting anyone down, least of all myself.

I used to say that I hadn't given up smoking as there was noting enjoyable there to give up. I had stopped, and this time I intend to stay stopped.

So onwards and upwards, because this time I will reach the penthouse. One more day in this room and I move on to week 3.

Keep the Faith and stop the weed!

Lillie xxxx

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Well done. From the sound of it this is the new you... a non smoker for life. And you deserve it.


It is good to see you back with us Lillie and you too Felic :) both sounding determinded to keep this quit

but please dont beat yourself up about letting yourself and others down

not many people can say they havent tried on lots of occasions to quit and stay quit as someone has said in the past the quitting is easier its the staying quit takes more strength and as long as you stay focused on one day at a time and keep in mind your reasons why you are quitting you will get there

you have this place to help you for the times you need and the people here all understand and will help you in anyway that you need

so keep repeating each and every day i choose to not smoke today if it helps put it as a daily reminder/alarm going of on your phone as many times as you need to help you get through the early days because you will get to a time when you wont be constantly thinking of smoking and for the times you really really think you need one just come on here first and also ask yourself this

will smoking help the situation in anyway shape or form?

yeah it might give you a buzz for a brief moment till you start coughing and choking and gagging at that disgusting taste and then feeling angry for giving into that urge instead think about why you feel you need to smoke at the end of the day because it was a natural thing you automatically reached for in the past when you was stressed upset or even happy because your mind assicates smoking with those situations

so be aware its an autiomatic response its not really you needing a ciggie and when you get those thoughts try distracting your mind till it passes which it will

it does get easier the further along the path you go honestly and the benefits you will reap are amazing

onwards and upwards is the only way to go


and never stop giving up

Carol x


Tell you what, I havent got enough fingers to count all my failed quits, but whats the point in beating yourself up? Best to learn from it, which sounds like you have and make sure you dont repeat the same mistakes!

The future is in the now mate and thats what matters xx


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