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Iphone App

Hi All

Im new here and just about to give up the evil weed for good this time round. Ive noticed there are some apps around that you can get for your Iphone - has anyone tried any of these? I know they dont cost must but dont want to bother if they are rubbish. I think it would be nice to have something I carry with me at all times to help motivate me not to reach for a fag.

I looked at one called Smokealarm - anyone every tried it?

Thanks guys x

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Hi Louise and welcome!! :)

I use Quitnow - there's a free one (mine) and a pay one (Max on here has got that) and it's very good!!

It's nice to see the progress in your health (the only thing that's lagging for me is lung health :eek:) and to see how much you've saved, how many fags you haven't smoked and how much life you've saved as well :D

The NHS one is free but it's very basic.


I use 'since I quit' app on my I phone. It tells you how long since you last had a ciggie and how much money you've saved.

If you really want to you can post on Facebook/twitter via the app xx


Since I Quit

That's the app I use on my iPhone (Since I Quit) it's free in the app store. This is todays reading on there! I am/8 weeks/4 days/14 hours/ 57 minutes/43 seconds free of cigarettes. Then on the money tab it says by not smoking 1212.49 cigarettes / I have saved £388.00! I have saved every penny which is going towards a new 60 inch television. So good luck with your quit, although you may find it difficult at the start believe me it gets easier and easier. I try not to miss a day in the forum because the help and encouragement you get help's to reinforce your determination to be a non-smoker. FREEDOM



Hi... I use MLC found on iTunes ...(My Last Cigarette)

It's great countdown of money saved, Days in Life gained, circulation, heart lungs, Cravings. And there is a daily Pic to remind us of why we quit..I look at it everyday and it DOES help me along with this I am we'll into my quit...I forget the days lol..strongly recommend this to you :)



Fantastic post....when will you get your new tv ? Wished I'd physically put the money away now...good for you !


Hi Everyone

Thanks so much for coming back to me. I will have a look at those others apps now. I liked the idea of that smoke alarm one as it had Hot Spots on it which are designed to remind you to avoid areas where you would generally smoke - i.e. for me round my friends house, in the pub etc etc. Do the others offer these do you know?

And what a great idea - to use all the money you save to buy a TV - I should really set myself a longer term goal too

Thanks again



My new television


Fantastic post....when will you get your new tv ? Wished I'd physically put the money away now...good for you !

Hi Woo the one I am thinking of getting is at the moment about £1000 my plan is to buy it in the Christmas sales I am hoping to get it cheaper then but by Christmas I will have the £1000 anyway I intend to buy it from John Lewis because they give a 5 year guarantee so I am halfway there and to think it could have all gone up in smoke.


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