Really need to smoke :(

Hey everyone!

Hope you's are all still going strong. I was until about a week ago and all this week, everything I do I am thinking about smoking, every emotion I feel I need a cig, it is really annoying me, I was doing so well and now feel like becasue I feel this way I have went backwards, I really dont think I will smoke but the urge is DEFINATLEY there. Anyone else struggling big time at this stage?!

Jill xx

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  • I'm only 8 days in so can't imagine what it's like after 5 months, but I'm sure you know that undoing all the hard work now would be such a waste, look at other options, maybe a patch, inhalator etc, anything but a fag.

    Good luck - be strong !

  • u will be fine i have weak moments on a sunday my OH takes all the kids to his mums for about four hours on a few sundays i have thought i could have a cigarette have a bath to get rid if the smell and no one would ever know

    but i would know and i dont want to go backwards i think its just curiousity mostly and my nicodemon having a very weak tantrum u will get through it, i didnt get it happen this week so its passed

    stay strong we have all come to far to go back and start over

  • How frustrating for you Jill! You've really done so well moving swiftly from milestone to milestone and for this to come out of the blue must be pretty annoying.

    The good thing is that you know that smoking won't make those situations where you crave it any worse/better - you've learned enough in the last few months to know that smoking is one big con... that means as long as you figure out what is triggering this then maybe the thoughts of smoking will leave your mind.

    Could it be that there's another part of your life (like work, family, love, acomodation, financial etc) which you're a bit unhappy about which is making you feel like you're not quite yourself? I think something like this could lead to major craves as you would tend to fall back on familiar 'habits'.

    Anyway, I hope posting on here helped you. Kepp with it and feel proud that you're doing so well :)

  • Hi Jill, hang in there.

    I went through the same from mid April until last weekend when it suddenly just disappeared.

    It will end, just ride the wave, you can do it!

  • Yup, Pete's right. Ride the wave, it'll pass. The arrival of spring brought a particularly tough couple of weeks for me too, but it's fine now. Just hang tough.

    And maybe eat cake :)

    H x

  • Morning Jill

    I am so sorry to hear it and bloody well hope it does not come my way; this last month has been heaven in comparison to the earlier bit.

    My craves never went away (till the last 6 weeks); what keeps me on track is the thought of all the pain of giving up again and the thought of gaining a further whopping 27 lbs.

    I cannot give up; I don't have it in me to do it again and I do not want to die a smoker.

    If you have a list of quit reasons, read them and re-read them; if you don't make one. Eat, bitch, hide, volunteer... do what you have to do to stay on track.


  • Thanks Guys,

    Well now I think of it, I have been concentrating on other things a bit, I was feeling low and catching all sorts and was told I have a viral infection and have to take anti viral drugs, my hubby's job finishes at the end of this month and I have been worrying that we wont have enough money to get by, suppose smoking would make that WAY WORSE.

    As for eating a cake, I have eaten too many lol. Maybe that is the reason too, I am being very strict with myself when it comes to food to try and loose weight for my hols. GRrrrr. life is so hard sometimes.

    Thanks for all your replies, it really made me feel better!

    Jill xx

  • Hey,

    Im getting the same actually. The last week or so Ive had some bad craving again between 10-12 in the morning everyday. After going this long nicotine free its really anoying to still have to deal with cravings but we have to stay strong. Cravings can still happen even years after quitting so its a life long battle. But after coming this far im not about to give up and I hope you wont either. You done so well to get this far, please stay strong!

  • Dave, you are so right, I was so disappointed when my first reaction was, once again, I am going to go for a smoke, I also had the crying phase again, I felt sorry for myself becasue I couldnt smoke and cried and cried and cried, feeling a bit more positive since coming on here, I won't give up and have one, my pride alone will not let me.

    Well done for staying strong!

    Jill xxx

  • Must be something in the air, I have been the same, 14 weeks for me tomorrow and for the past 2 days I have thought about smoking constantly, very tearful and depressed. Let it all out last night in a sobbing mess and feel ok again today. Its a real shocker when the craves hit isnt it? Hope I dont get too many repeats of that, it was the same for me at 8 weeks too !

  • Hey Tracey,

    Yeah, there really must be an obstacle at this stage, because you think you are over it, it really hits you unexpectedly and the thought has actually came in to my head "What did I even stop for" its amazing how our minds work and how they can persuade us of somthing so silly. Well done to sticking through it, and everyone else who is struggling a bit. Keep up the good work!

    Jill xxx

  • Let's face it, I would love to be a social smoker; who wouldn't. I would love the md's to come out with a study that smoking 5 fags a day is good for your health.... nice dream...not gonna happen!

    I suffered thru my quit; As I don't want to be flagged for swearing, let's just say it sucked, BAD! It was MONTHS OF BAD for me. don't wanna do that again. Don't have it in me.

    These last 110+ days, I have managed to crawl up and out of the hole; slipped a few times, but finally made it outside the hole. I don't want to fall back in; I would not be able to claw my way out again.

    let's face it, the pain is worse than childbirth without an epidural (kidney stones...); who would really want to go thru it again!


  • Hello Jill-

    Have not seen you on last couple of days; all ok?


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