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Day 4 - pleased with myself :)

Yay im over the worst of it! phew! I still feel like i have been through the wars but i normally feel ok again by day 5 which is tomorrow so nearly over now and I can concentrate then on just getting on with normal life as a non smoker!

I am going to set myself up with a gym target and timetable so i can put my attention to something else which is also good for me :D I am also gonna save up what i would of spent on fags to go towards new clothes when i reach my goal weight :)

Thank you so much for the support you guys have given me so far i am very happy right now :D xx

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Good going Nikki, keep at it and keep posting, for all you're worth, this forum will keep you going, if you let it ;)


I agree with Max, the gym is a great idea.

I lift weights every day and I do a quick workout when a craving kicks in as well.

My only advice is start off small and slowly and your find it as enjoyable as eventually being free of the dreaded weed.


Well done on getting Days 3 /4 out of the way, nikki. It's great to feel so good, isn't it!:) Definitely have some treats and a goal or two to look forward to! Maybe the gym will be even better as your lung capacity increases!:) Keep going........:)



Aww thank god for this forum! Im.having a tertiable day 5 like really missing fags today but reading you guys comments brings me back to earth again! I look forward to this mobday suprise lol :D xx


Good to see you posting Nikki......give yourself time to heal, it gets easier as everyone says, the day does come when it's not even on your mind, and it may come sooner than you think ;)


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