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have not smoked in 10 days still haveing a hard time

bin a hard to stop smoking and still is after 10 days, having cravings to smoke and feel like am going to yell at some one was on champix for 14 day but doctor took me off of it it was making me feel dissy and allso missed a week of work because of champix, how can i help my craveing i have a Electronic cigarette have not even uesd that in 10 days i feel if i dont have a somke soon going to snap

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10 days is really really fantastic. I know it is crap. I know you feel really really rough... But I promise you Andrew it WILL get better... Nobody is on here 6 months bemoaning those horrible constant craves... Nobody... And you are not that Different. Grit your teeth... Read about addiction. Read about nicotine... Hate what this crap is making you go through and the just keep riding those crave waves until they break... I promise you if you do not take any nicotine now it WILL get better..



Remembering back 2 weeks into my quit me and my wife had booked a first class flight to New York it was meant to be a huge celebration for our wedding anniversary... We had booked it about a year before...

I have no memories of that trip... I was holed up in a hotel in New York unable to function as a grown up... I could hardly string a sentence together... I could not walk down a busy manhatten street without having a panic attack... I would rather ruin that once in a lifetime experience than lose my beautiful quit.

I, like everybody else before me, got over it by simply not giving Into that dirty little git of a crave...

Ride it mister...




Oh I wish I was that strong Max. It is strength now but at the two weeks mark it was an absolute dread. I was like a rabbit stuck in the headlights. Anything but strength... It only changed to a strength once the acute phase of withdrawal was done.

Looking back my immune system was probably in hyper drive cleaning up the crap and it probably fuelled the whole thing. It just felt like the world was gonna end at that 2 week stage. I was very much useless.

:-). But through it all I just had constantly in my screaming head the voice that said : It WILL kill you, And that somehow stopped me.

Just 2 years ago I would have laughed at such a thought while puffing away it was very much a mid-life crisis sorta thing for me. Lol.

Never been happier of having a midlife crisis!


Andrew. Just keep off them. Go to bed if you have to. Taking nicotine now will just reignite those craves later you are so over the nicotine thing at 10 days. You are now just in a battle with your head.


thanks every one

am trying my best to get thow the cravings , just hope this monkey on my back soon will go a way it the stress of every thing that making me want to smoke i guss, big breaths and i ll make it thow this smoking will not controlle my life any more


Just hang in there Andrew... Each crave you punch down is one less crave to killing that monkey... Just believe when we say it will get easier... It really really will...

Good going Andrew... Keep close to the forum.



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