No Smoking Day
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Day 4 feels good!

I've made it to Day 4!

I have to say it feels like week 4 the time has gone so slowly while Ibe analyzed every second of every day since I stopped smoking.

Last night I ordered an 0% nicotine eCig kindly recommended by Nozmo. I'm looking forward to having something to hold in my hand and puff on so I can be sociable with my husband again.

I know it shouldn't be this way but Ive felt a bit cut off from him since I stopped smoking because we used to stand outside in the garden having a smoke and chatting and in fact had some of our best discussions out there. Now he goes out alone and we miss our chats.

So hopefully tomorrow I'll be able to join him.

My biggest hope is that he'll feel inspired as he watches my efforts and that he'll do the same. But I'll NEVER nag him to do so. I know what that feels like.

Maybe one day we'll both be smoke free and still able to have our chats.

I feel good as I start my fourth day. I've planned my whole week so that I'll be busy each day. This is going to work!!

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Wow! You definitely are in a much better place today!

Great to see, stay strong!


Well done, keep it up and hope you like the 0% "health cig"! You'll probably get fewer responses today as most people are at work but don't get down heartened. I'm sure it will pick up this evening. I've just had a quick look but better get back to work!.


Thanks Nozmo. I'm doing well today, keeping very busy. The craving hasn't actually gone, I think it's the habit I miss more. So I'm looking forward to the eCigs. Thanks for checking in and replying even though you're at work. I really do appreciate all the support. It helps!


Well done Becky, you will be flying it in the next couple of days and marking your 1 week milestone, good to see you are keeping yourself busy.

You are 100% right not nag your husband as it is up to himself to make that choice to quit, my husband quit a year and a half ago, took me up to 7 weeks ago to follow in his footsteps!

One of the main reasons for me quitting was the guilt with my passive smoking onto him, even though I smoked outside, the smell of smoke still lingered into house and I found he was coughing from it and generally uncomfortable but never said it to me or nagged me to quit. I


Yes Rowens08 it's difficult giving up when you live with someone who still smokes. He's starting to smell like an ashtray to me but I won't say anything. He only smokes outside but the smell lingers on his clothes and breath when he comes back in. I can really smell everything now and some smells I could do without!


Yes, the smell of smokers when we give up is disgusting alright, when I first gave up and my work colleagues returned from their smoke, couldn't believe I smelled like them!

It would be great if your husband does quit as those chats you so enjoy with each other will be much nicer as both of you will smell delightful. One of the big perks of giving up is I am getting a lot more cuddles as my hubby keeps telling me I smell so good...!


Becky I have a smoker in the house too, it used to bother me a lot at the beginning, as it did to walk into the living room and find the cigarettes on the coffee table.

I used to think how the hell am I supposed to stop if I am constantly looking at them?!

Once I went past week 3 it just doesn't bother me anymore, I don't care.

Somehow... And really I don't know how... But everytime he goes out for a smoke I can't stop feeling sorry for himself instead of feeling sorry for myself as I used to.

One step at the time, it takes 21 days to break a habit, it does get easier.


I'm looking forward to day 21 :)

I'm looking forward to when I can feel sorry for him having a smoke in the garden and not wanting to join him!

Reply are doing extremely well and I want to agree with Karri .If possible do not get used to the E-Cig. I was one of the lucky one';s to make the mistake and bought an E-cig and filled it with Big boy 8% nicotine Cuban cigar oil :rolleyes:....Geessss! I had the shocker of my life inhaling that first puff and never wanted to look at or use that E-cig again. (Should have happened 38 years ago)

Yes...The money you save is for your treat...(especially in the UK @ £8.74 for a 20 pack = ZAR 186-38 Wow !)

Have a nice day (Moz temp today 41ᵒ C)


8% Nicotine! That's a beast! :-)


Nearly Killed me !!!!


Mine are 0%. A bit like sucking on a Bic pen or a dummy :)

41 degrees. No thanks! Here we have a beautiful grey, damp, foggy day with a temp of 11 degrees :).

Are you jealous?


Not at all Thanks !! The coldest day in June is 12 deg C !!! and then I am freezing !


No probs on the e-cigs comments mmaya, no offence taken. It’s a good debate.

I think it’s all down to what works for you personally. I’ve tried to stop smoking a few times and have lasted between 6 hours and three months (cold turkey) before I started again. I lasted 6 months on NRT but that’s another story.

The thing is, I still love the physical sensation of smoking and don't want to give that up. You’re right; I’ve substituted one habit for another but by switching to the ecigs I’ve dealt with the three main things that I really hate about smoking:

[*]The health risks – Alright, e-cig liquid has its own separate debate but at least I’m not breathing in benzene, formaldehyde or any number of the other carcinogens that I got from a cigarette.

[*]The expense - I’m saving a lot of money

[*]The smell - I don’t stink of smoke or feel like a social pariah anymore

That’s good enough for me and if I can stay off the real cigarettes for the rest of my life I’ll be happy. I think it’s great that you are all doing it cold turkey, I really do. I take my hat off to you all as I doubt I could do it, but at the minute I'm very happy with my 34 days on e-cigs. It's a start!


I'm not doing ct, I'm too much of a chicken for that lol

Champix, that's why Im still here :)


Ahhhh, didn't realise. Well it's working! Happy 50th!!!

Reply's working really well, I think I'll take the champix for the rest of my life lol


I'll take that hug Karri :) and I'll enjoy it very much! Thank you for always being there for me, you've played a huge part in my quit, you've been with me for longer than anyone else here and I'm very thankful for that xxx thank you!


Sorry Nozmo & Becky, but I am in agreement with the e-cigs not breaking the habit and completely delaying or prolonging the habit but everyone has their own individual, unique quit and every smoker(ex) is different and need to do what is best for them...

My advice Becky, would be to set milestone target (which is not too far away) to stop using the e-cig as I have seen people get extremely dependent on them - literally never out of their mouth or hand. Example, I was sitting at the table at a wedding (when I was a smoker) and the guest sitting beside me had it in her hand even when eating the meal! I was shocked how someone could be so dependent on it.


Aye, you have a good point there rowens. A bloke at work started using an e-cig and didn't know when to stop. Every time you saw him he was puffing away on it. He was absolutely buzzing on nicotine and going through a cartridge a day! Quite funny actually...but not for him.


I did the same then first time I used one. Because it never goes out, one tends to continue until the battery goes flat!

I ended up overdosing on nicotine which resulted in a very anxious feeling.

This time I'll be more aware plus I have bought the 0% one


Good for you Becky that you will be aware of its dependency even though it is 0%, as I said earlier, everyone needs to do whats best for their quit


I can see both sides. BUT I ordered my halo zero E-Cig kit and it arrived this afternoon!

I know it's swapping one habit for another but it doesn't seem to be a bad habit. After all we all have habits, eating, drinking etc. is there anyone on here who can honestly say they don't have a habit of some type or another?

Im guessing that people will think that puffing on an eCig will lead back to smoking a real cigarette.

Do people who give up alcohol not substitute with other non-alcoholic beverages?

Does it lead them back to the alcohol?

Only if they make that choice.

So maybe I am swapping one habit for another but if it's not the eCig it would be something else....chocolate, alcohol etc etc.

I'm going to try this and I'll let everyone know how it goes.


Very best of luck to you.


Go for it Becky... whatever works to help you to quit Tobacco/Nicotine.... Strongs!


Halo? Pah!! What's wrong with V2???

I'm joking of course, hope it helps and keep us informed.

Good debate today!


Well...great debate!

I can only speak from my experience... That's all.

The first time I attempted to quit, I used nicotine gum... It tasted gross but before I knew it I started loving it, I used to put 2 in my mouth an a cigarette in my hand...

2ND time, used champix, I was a bit sick and the quit was going too well, I talked myself into stop the champix...relapsed.

Then I tried e ciggy and I hated it, because I just couldn't get enough of it, eventually I just went back smoking because I was literally vaping away all day long. Relapsed again.

Last try I went Ct - man that's hard! I lasted 5 weeks, little slip, back on the horse, little slip and relapsed...

I decided going back to champix because I know I'm a junkie and I'll do whatever it takes to get rid of this disgusting habit...I would love to do cold turkey...but I'm not strong enough.

My sincere respect to anyone doing CT!!!!


You've tried them all mmaya and I'm not far behind you. I'm glad this time it's working.


Oh forgot the patches, tried them as well, I'm allergic to them, just got massive rash and it triggered my migraines lol


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