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Day 12 feeling calmer but anxious

Just wanted to say thanks for all the support at the start of my quit. Don't think I've posted since day 4 as had a few stressful moments this week ( including daughter rushed to a&e with a split knee, elderly aunt in a&e with breathing problems and hubby getting us a new puppy who won't stop howling lol) but I've made it to day 12 and still smoke free.

Usually in all this situations I would have smoked like a train but to be honest I haven't really thought about it. I have found myself to be a lot calmer and handle situations more easily since my quit.

I am on patches and seem to be going really well so far but I'm on the strongest ones and am starting to get a bit anxious about what will happen when I'm changed onto step 2!!

Hope everyone is still going well with their quits.

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Your sounding strong and determined, Lauren, well done on getting to day 12.


Hi Lauren

You'll be fine :)

I bet you don't even notice the step down.

Let us know

Well done so far

Stay strong and keep rolling :)

Take care



That great Lauren, the two week milestone is almost in your grasp!

Isnt it great that stopping makes you calmer, when we used to smoke to calm ourselves down!! The ultimate irony!!


Congrats on reaching day 12 stay positive and you'll succeed :)

Quit date 3/1/13

Method: patches


Well done Lauren, I am also on Day 13 today, you have done so well, see you in Room 3 weeks. Keep focused


Well done Lauren, Onwards and Upwards, you seem to have a great attitude and seem very determined also.:)


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