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Having really strange symptoms is this from smoking cessation?


Hi there.

This coming friday will be my full 2nd week. Not really getting cravings at all they subsided by day 3 - 4 but since day one of quitting iv been so tired almost as if I could just fall asleep where ever I am, extreme fatigue. This is permanent all day everyday. Iv been finding breathing harder. As if I can only take really shallow breaths and get breathless very easily haven't got a cough of coughed up any muck.

And servere left side abdominal pains and discomfort in the left side of my back around the kidney area with major stomach gurgling. Which is only comforted by sitting forward.

Im sleeping ok usually 8 -9 hours a night and eat a very healthy diet. Iv been taking a multi vitamin past few days but it hasn't seemed to help.

I noticed fatigue is a common with drawal symptom but didnt know how long it could last.

Im 25yo male.

Any help appreciated.


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Thanks for the reply. At the risk of sounding like a hypochondriac I went to docs last week, a and e sat before last and a n e yesterday.

Originally went to docs for my tight chest which he told me to give a week and see how it went. It did die off but has come back now. A and e for the tight chest they did ecg which was all good and said my lungs sounded ok. Chest went off but has come back today. And I went to a n e yesterday for the abdominal pain which doctor at a n e said take co codamol for. Today have had both tight chest and abdominal pain. Ab pain has reduced after eating today. I have the docs at 3.20 again today. The tiredness is permanent and extreme.

I have felt very stressed and anxious since quitting on the boarder of depression. Not sure if the physical sympoms are a bi product of quitting. Quitters flu etc? :-s. Not sure if me focusing on tbe symptoms are turning into a viscious circle.

I dont want to become the boy who cried wolf with my gp and they just keep dismissing me when there could actually be something wrong.

My blood oxygen levels were fine when I first visited my gp. My memory is almost non existent atm. I cant remember anything.

Bowl movements are normal.

I had extreme tiredness for a few weeks. If I had been sensible I would have taken high dosage vitamins,but I didn't. Multi vitamins are all very well but they need to be very high dosage and most are just not strong enough.

What kind of doctor gives painkillers for abdominal pain. The mind boggles. The pain and stomach gurgling sound like constipation which is common when quitting smoking.

Lots of us had depression after quitting and again high dosage vitamins work well.

I didn't have a tight chest but many of us have had that too. As you have been checked out, I shouldn't think it was a problem

I have had all of the above, Simon...so has my son in law. I'm at 8 weeks of my quit & started to feel more lively & sharper about 2 weeks ago. I still have a tight chest which kicked in about week 5 of my quit. The depression & anger I have found hardest to deal with & is what drove me to give up my last quit. I take Cod liver oil to help my cough & Rhodiola liquid extract for the mood swings & they have virtually disappeared. For the first time, I can honestly say I'm very glad I've quit :D

I am still exhausted and tired all the time at 6 months quit, but I was diagnosed with diabetes 2 months quit, so ask the Dr to test you for diabetes.

Vitamin D deficient

Hiya I bet you are vit D deficient, I'm no doctor but had the exact same symptons. I had blood tests at docs, and VIt D was extremely low, I think when you smoke it hinders your body from absorbing it, when you quit smoking you feel the side effects of vitamin D dificiency. Don't forget fags are stimulants. Google it and see for yourself. I take a very high dose daily 1000 international units. Huge difference

Ive been super tired during my quit, i felt the same after a few weeks.

Im not so bad now being in the 2nd month but i do get the odd day (especially today) where i feel like I can fall asleep anywhere.


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