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Did I Really Used To Smoke?


Hi everyone,

Here I am one day shy of 7 weeks :). I haven't been posting much recently as I've been quite busy socially, but my quit's feeling stronger and stronger each day. I'm not about to get complacent as that's where the danger is, but I haven't had a real craving or felt uncomfortable for a few days now. This is good!!!!!! :cool:.

I never thought I'd ever get this far, particularly during the 3-5 week mark when all my energy left me and I was really struggling. You fine people here held me up until I could support myself again and I made it through!! I'll be forever grateful to you for that.

What I'm trying to say is that if things are getting tough and you read things like "I promise you it gets better", I'd lay money that your initial thought is probably unprintable :D. Well, it actually *is* true!! The cravings do get less frequent and less intense. Then one day, you realise that you've gone a whole day without thinking about smoking. That day happened to me a few days ago and it's such a joy!!

So if you're finding it hard, please knuckle down and get through it any way you can. Drink water, chew gum, eat chocolate, dig the garden, have a nap, anything but smoking. Believe me, beating this thing once and for all is worth all the short-term discomforts. And they *are* short-term!!

Thank you for listening to my ramblings. I seem to be on the home straight and that's given me a real boost!!

Ed xx

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Hi Ed,

Congratulations for getting over the hill (with the fags). It really does feel good eh?

We are all doing so well, here we are nearly into December and still sticking in there. I had worried about drinking as all my friends smoke, but I have been out about 6 times now and NOPE : )

Levs1000 Days Smoke Free

Its really good to hear you sounding so upbeat again Ed. I knew you had it in you to get over the tough bit and am so proud of what you have achieved.

Well done Cap'n :D

Sian xx


Great to hear you are back in the saddle and tackling the nicodemon :D

Looking forward to seeing plenty more of your posts in the future while we all take this interesting (?!) journey together!

That's great Ed, you really sound like you've turned that corner :) The title says it all to me, it's when you can think 'did I EVER really WANT to do that 20 times a day?!' that you know the worst bit of the first part of the quit are behind you... like you said, there's always a need to watch out and not get complacent but you sound very at peace with being a non (or ex) smoke and it's fantastic to see/hear/read :D


Hi Ed

I cant wait to get to the point when I hardly thinkabout smoking. I must say that at the moment I think about little else!

Still good job and heres to hoping!!!


Just thinking, have you thought about reading the Allen Carr Easyway book. I read it after i stopped and it helped me no end.

Good luck


I read it before I quit and yes it helped me as well - maybe its time to read it again to refresh the old memory (getting old you know)


Well done that man. You seriously have done brilliantly and i know im only 37 days in but like you i hardly think about it and also it feels so much nicer knowing that we are no longer slaves to something that had us hook, line and sinker for quite a while.

We have beaten this nasty demon but we must not let our guard down. Life will be so much better for all of us now and i want to wish everyone the very best.

Thank you so much everyone :).

When things got very tough for me a few weeks back I nearly caved in so many times but I'm so thrilled now that I didn't. I really didn't want to come back and face you lot :p. I really feel like I've all but beaten this if I stay vigilant.

John - I know exactly what you're going through and how hopeless it must seem to you sometimes, but there *is* light at the end of the tunnel. I was just where you are now and I came through it. I won't pretend it's always easy, but it does get easier and one day you'll wonder how you were ever struggling. Trust me. I've been on that journey :). Stay strong John and ride out the storm. You *can* do it!!

Good luck to everyone!! We'll all make it to the Penthouse :).

Ed xx


Thanks Captain!!

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