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Day 2 - not as a bad as i remember???


Hey! I am starting to think that the Allen Carr's Easyway actually works! Its not a piece of cake...dont get me wrong i feel rough lol like my heads in the clouds but I am actually really relaxed as well. Its like mind and body have separated. Body is craving a fag and mind is happy to be a non smoker. I think thats how its ment to be. Normaly mind and body both want a fag and its abit well whats the point then?

I dont think i want to do this again. I want to get through this 72 hour withdrawal period and never have to physically crave a fag ever again! I know now i cant take another puff or ill go back to full time smoking, ive proven that to myself twice. So just need to stay happy in my choice to quit. :D xxxx

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Fab .. you can do it , stay happy (easier said than done ! ) and keep on top of the mental struggle.

Good luck and take care

Donna x

Hey, Nikki, I'm right there with you. Echo, echo, echo what you said.

You can do it! So proud of you, and everyone here for escaping smoking!

Nikki-and rainbow

The 'EasyRay' DOES work,I believe-if you let it work and you go with it. I read that book 3 times before the penny really dropped :rolleyes: but having done so I have had no serious temptation to smoke whatsoever,I have always viewed my quit as an escape from addiction and a cause to celebrate,and never as denying myself some lovely personal secret naughty-but-nice treat and emotional crutch which is how many people view ciggies..As far as i am concerned smoking can Do One and I will never smoke again.:D

ha ha smoking can do one! yes it jolly well can! :D I totally agree Max, I think this is the perfect anology for it -

A 8 year old child wants sweets and gets told it cant have sweets. The child feels this rush of frustration and is unable to find an outlet for all this pent up emotions. The child throws a hissy fit in the shop in the end. why does the child through the hissy fit? Its not the wanting of sweets that does it, its the not being allowed them that is frustrating.

If the child didnt want sweets, the not being allowed them wouldnt be a problem. Same with smoking.

I think thats why im finding it ok, I finally see smoking does nothing for me at all, and its all an illusion. I have burst two of my illusions today -

I cant be a nice person without smoking - wrong ive chatted all day

I cant handle throngs of people without a fag - wrong ive been to the gym :)

Sorry for the rant but i am SO HAPPY the penny has finally droppd and im happy i dont have to smoke anymore :D

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