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I am on day 2!!


I am using tabex, some of you may not agree with my use of this unlicensed drug but I can say this for it. It's very good

I stopped smoking yesterday with ease. Today is just as easy. I have had no cravings at all, I actually feel like I am, and always have been a non smoker! I have not thought about smoking and can't see myself ever lighting up again. Mind time will tell!

Whatever tabex do, it's good. I am not promoting them as accused before I just want to state my opinion on them so others who are considering them know what to expect. If anyone is considering them and want to know anything about my experiences please feel free to pm me as there isnt a lot of sites where people have used them out there

My oh is having exactly the same experience as me on them

Good luck to everyone!!

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Well done on getting to day 2:D Whatever works for one person doesn't work for another, the important thing is we all get the end result we want at the end of whatever method we use to quit:)

Thanks Claire

I do agree that it may not for others. I am just glad it has worked for me, so far. I am just glad that these don't cause the sickness that I experienced with champix. Even though it's made out of the same drug,cystine. It's weird? Maybe whatever they mix the cystine with causes the nausea with champix??

Well done on your quit by the way :)

Thanks una for your support :) it was/is appreciated.

I won't be going anywhere now. Expect daily updates :)

Hi Panda, well done on your quit. Im on Champix and was wondering what the difference is to tabex as ive never heard of it.

The difference chemically is that champix has another element add to it. Tabex as far as I am aware is pure cytisine.

Tabex is a 30 day course and champix is 3 months

Another difference Is you take a lot more tablets with tabex. First 3 days it's 6 a day, day 4 - 12 is 5 a day and gradually your down to 2 a day from day 24. I expected to feel very sick taking them like I did with champix but I have had no side effects at all. Apart from cigarettes tasting disgusting from the first day I started taking them, day three I couldn't stand the smell of cigarettes.

Another difference and probably a biggy they aren't licensed yet. It's not illegal to buy them, but you have to be very careful where you buy them from, as it could be very dangerous.

I have had nothing but positive experience taking tabex, but everyone is different.

Do a google search on them and read about the history :)

If you have any more questions feel free to ask :)

Good luck with your quit

Thanks for that Panda

No problem moony :)

Great to see you back Pandaspot - was worried we had lost you after your last visit!!

Pleased the quit is going well - come over and join us Nov Nopers!!


Hi Panda,

Glad your quit is going well :D

I am just glad that these don't cause the sickness that I experienced with champix.

I so know what you mean lol I restarted my Champix yesterday, only had half a tablet and felt sick straight away. It wore off after a while but came back again in the evening :rolleyes:

So I was wondering about the Tabex, had a quick google but wasn't sure if I found the right site(s).

Are they very expensive? And which is a good site to buy them from?

It would be nice to have a stop smoking drug that I don't have to take for 12 weeks lol!!

Zoe xxxx

Chris I couldn't stay away lol, I will come and have a visit at nope lol

Zoe: I just couldn't stomach champix again everyday feeling sick, I did do the 3 month course but didn't enjoy it.

Tabex is not expensive. They cost £18 that's postage and vat. I bought from natural-herbsmarket.co.uk/a...

Not sure if the link will post if not its the natural herbs market . Co. uk.

When I bought from them I paid with PayPal, so if anything went wrong, like they didn't send them etc then I could put in a complaint with PayPal. I did have to chase up my order, took three weeks to deliver. They said it took so long cause of the media attention with them. Which is fair enough

It is certainly a plus point not having to take a tablets for 3 months and a massive one that I have had no cravings or sickness with them :) I find it quite unbelievable tbh lol :)

Hi again Panda,

The link worked fine, I think I have been on that site before. Do you get enough tablets for £18 to complete the full course or do you have to order more? I saw another site where they cost $65, don't know how much that is in english :rolleyes:

But then again, if I have to wait 3 weeks it might not be worth it, I am hoping to be back on my quit well before then, so may have to put up with blooming Champix nausea :(

Glad they are working well for you though :D

Zoe xxxx

Oh and P.S. Meant to say paypal is always a good way to go when buying things of the net, much easier to get your money back if they don't deliver ;)

I ordered some on Friday for some friends in work so we will see how long they take now. I ordered the day after the press attention so think they were bombarded with orders.

One box is enough for the 30 day course. The box contains 100 tablets.

I think I could stop taking them now to be honest, but I will do a fortnight just in case I have a relapse :) which I won't :)

I found with the champix best way to beat the nausea was to take on a full stomach but I am sure you know that :)

Thanks for your support Zoe , hope you succeed in whatever you try x

Oh and P.S. Meant to say paypal is always a good way to go when buying things of the net, much easier to get your money back if they don't deliver ;)

Yes definetly I don't buy anything off the net without using PayPal. I don't trust companies lol. Easy for them to say they have sent stuff and they haven't. Least PayPal will protect you :)

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