No Smoking Day
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2 years today

Hi Folks , wasn't going to post as I feel I have been a bit inactive on this wonderful site until fairly recently .

Anyway I can categorically say it feels great and I feel loads better for breaking free from the horrible addiction :eek:

Do a lot of walking and get to the gym and I have even been known to run a bit too ,,,, not bad for a very nearly 53 year old cos I couldn't do it very well at 40 mind you I was a smoker back then :p

To all you newbies or not quite so newbies ....... stick with your quit , stay determined , it does get so much easier and you will feel better for it,:D

Regards to you all


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YAY well done!!

2 years is fab, and it's great that you're feeling so good too :D :D


Respect Trev, looking forward to that time period of none smoking as well.

Can't wait to see how I feel, how my bodies recovered and post a similar post here.


Yay, good for you Trev. Thanks for your message by the way :D

I really need to start getting fit. I am the same age as you and have just spent the last two days walking in the dales. How unfit am I lol. More like 72 that 52 lol.

Congratulations on your brilliant smoke free life ;)

Gaynor x


Thank you every one for your kind words , looking forward to a 3rd year without the poison sticks . Hope we can all stay smoke free for ever Here's to all of us :D


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