No Smoking Day
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Two weeks down, The rest of my life to go

Just completed 14 days of not smoking. I don't cough anymore. Funny cause i thought people who quit coughed all the crap up. I haven't posted advice to anyone yet but I can tell you all that i feel great. The cravings are still strong but manageable with the help of people like Gemma,Max and Kat. You guys are the ones people seem to lean on the most. Starting tomorrow I'll be posting on week three.

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YAY 2 weeks is a brilliant milestone, and every day now the demon's getting weaker and weaker :D

It's fab that you're feeling great - it's amazing how quickly you start healing, and to think we were sucking that stinky toxic smoke in every day 'cos we thought it made us feel good? :confused::confused:

Don't get it now, lol.

Don't worry about the cough, your lungs are clearing out just in a lot more refined way than mine did - coughing into a carrier bag isn't fun btw :eek:


Well played Russ!

I quit on a chest head and chest still seems to be full of gunk but at least it's another reason to not smoke!


You have plenty of time to post your own advice to newbies, so just concentrate on how great it feels for now. :)

Well done! x


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