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day 1 of quitting

Hi a week ago I decided I was giving up smoking, and chose today to start, I had my last fag at 10pm yesterday, so nearly 24 hours yayyyy. I was smoking about 20-25 a day and have been smoking for about 20 ish years, I have given up before when pregnant but went straight back to it once bubbas arrived, wishing everyone GOOD LUCK. I really thought it was going to be a lot harder then it has been, ive have an e cig but haven't used it a lot, and been near people smoking and it hasn't really bothered me, im looking forward to treating my kiddies at the end of the week to new trainers xxxx

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Hi Jo and welcome to the forum - you've made a good start! You know you can do it, just keep in mind all the reasons you're quitting and I'm sure the kids will love their new trainers (not to mention a healthy non-stinky mum)!!!


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