day 1 of my last quit

hi my name is lisa im 36 and im on my 3rd serious quit my first quit was in 2007 and lasted 16 months my second was in march this year and only lasted a month i was going on holiday and really wanted to smoke so i promised my kids i would give up after our holiday so here i am now i know i can do it this time my kids will kill me if i dont i think thats all the willpower i will need my last fag was at 10pm last night 3rd june i have smoked since i was 14 thats 22 years now sounds really bad i always assumed i would have stopped by now better late than never i suppose lisa

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  • Hi Lisa , well done in choosing to quit again ( kids are good at pushing , but also one of the greatest reasons to quit)

    24 hours under the belt already - you are doing great :)

    I am also in day 1 , but leaning on nrt

    wishing you loads of luck in your quit :D

    daizy x

  • cheers daizy i am using the patches to quit i didnt mean i was using willpower alone i think i would go mad without them they are what got me through the last two attempts so i know they help im finding it easy today it will probably get harder by day three for me but im prepared this time good luck with your quit im sure we will both do well

  • Thanks Lisa for the good wishes

    sorry i think i jumped to the conclusion there that you were ct , but it dosnt matter how its done as long as its done ,hey.

    I think the patches are great - easing you off the nicotine gently , whilst you are breaking the actual smoking habbit

    I find around day 3 tough too. But we wil both be past it soon:)


    daizy x

  • Good luck Lisa, you're doing great!! I'm using the lozenges and am now on day 5 and don't think I could've coped without them, they really are a Godsend for helping you get through Hell Week. I can't recommend them enough for keeping the horrific cravings at bay ;)

  • thank you karri and blondie im on day 2 now and all is well keeping busy lots of housework with 4 kids so not much time for cravings yet.worse tommorrow all kids back at school and only my other half around who still smokes but at least he goes outside so i dont really notice it .good luck to you all with your quits

  • wishing you lots of luck-if you've got the will power above all else you can do it :) I'm back on day one after a good month-this time I'm prepared.

  • Hey Lisa, well done on your 1st day and onwards you go... good luck and stay strong.


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