Day 1 - New quit

Yeah, I need not say what happened after that one fag ay! we all know the score.

Im back with a new quit though, the family have exited the house now after a lovely weekend and im free to get stressed for the next few days while I man it out, Got a busy few days as well. Im abit *sigh* about it as I want to do it, I really do, It wasnt long ago i was doing this hard bit so I almost wanna get it over and done with, its an annoyance! But its my own fault for going back so i deserve it I suppose lol

Anyways here i go :p

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  • Nikki,

    Good luck this time. I guarantee if you keep quitting you will eventually be quit mate.


  • You sound like your fighting it mate , back for round 2 and gonna go the distance this time ! Hang in there !

  • Maybe the quit wont be so hard this time as you've already been through the tough one.

    Keeping my fingers and toes crossed for you.

    Lillie xx

  • You can do this Nicki. Have faith in your decision to become free, you know it won't be plain sailing but you also know it isn't as bad as you think it will be. Don't ever doubt the decision and you will be fine.

  • Hi Nikki,

    Glad to see your trying again, me too!

    We seem to be having a similar battle these days want to be quit buddies? Maybe we can help each other keep on track and do it once and for all this time :)

  • Nikki

    If you want some reassurance that even after many, many, many failed attempts and feeling so beaten up and exhausted with fighting smoking that you just don't think you've got the strength to go though it again, read my posts and you'll see it can be done. Keep going, you'll succeed.

  • Do it this time, Nikki. Learn from the mistakes of the past. Get plans in place for dealing with the craves. Remind yourself of how proud you used to feel when you had got through another fag-free day. Plan some lovely rewards for yourself with the money you have saved.

    I really really do want you to be smoke-free, really is so much better without the stinking fags........



  • well that was a non starter :mad: not beating myself up as I know myself that when I Quit i make sure the first 3 days i am able to chill indoors away from stimulation (other people make me crave so bad first few days) this sets me off on a good frame of mind. So i have set my date for Saturday 12th October and when my friend goes home (shes staying over friday) I will be not smoking. In the mean time I will be reading allen carr, watching allen carr. watching quit smoking adverts (really helps to make you feel repulsed by fags) and re-affirming why i came here in the first place!

    Sorry guys, you are all so paitent with me you deserve angel titles! :D

    Mrs Mash, Ill happily be your quit buddy hun, Ill be back on Saturday so i will send you a message and see how your doing! xxx

  • Have you worked out yet why you are failing Nikki ? Or are you just trying the same stuff over and over and hoping it will eventually stick ?

    Perhaps a visit to the docs or something as I'm sure was mentioned before.


  • I think my main reasons for failaire is seeing ciggerettes as being able to control how I feel. Like if im nervous, anxious upset a fag will make it better. Cold turkey does me the best, as the further I go the less I want to toss it all away for the sake of a ciggerette.

    The problem for me is after the withdrawal not during it. I think I have addressed my anxiety issues, I think im wheat introlerant as since cutting it out a week ago i have had no anxiety at all (and other syptoms gone too) so im interested to see how i get on now on saturday when i cold turkey. :D

  • I think my main reasons for failaire is seeing ciggerettes as being able to control how I feel. Like if im nervous, anxious upset a fag will make it better.

    Everyone feels like that though, it's the nature of smoking addiction - you've got to get past that!!

  • I used to smoke thinking it made everything feel better. It was difficult at first, but bit by bit I realised that I am quite capable of dealing with situations without a cigarette, and you are too.

    You can get through it. :)

  • Nikki, this quit I'm continuously saying to myself (after a bit of gentle guidance ;) lol) that only I can do this and to do it I have to really want to do it and give if my all!

    I've had some moments but after having a little battle with the monster in my head, I win by telling him I'm wise to his antics and today I choose not to smoke. It's got me to day 4 so far and will spend time preparing myself for the weekend as I struggle more then but the moral of the story really is that if I don't want to be a smoker, then all I have to do is not smoke!

    We're here for you whenever you feel the time is right to get back on that wagon xx

  • Everyone feels like that though, it's the nature of smoking addiction - you've got to get past that!!

    I do see it for what it is, Its in that moment it gets me. Im even MORE welll equiped this time though, goal + knowledge+ making first step = success!

    I will be starting tomorrow as per planned. I like to set a date, I know this sounds weird but I smoke more up to that date and it helps to re-affirm how disgusting it is and actually how terriable it makes you feel!

    So day 1 tomorrow. It will be hard. I will cry (lol). I will moan. I will think 'why me'!? but in the end im only doing it for myself, no one else and my 40/50/60 year old self will look back at 25 year old me and think 'good job kid' when i can still breathe easy.

    Looking foward to it :D xxx

  • We are all 100% behind you. Good Luck for tomorrow. xxxxx

  • Good luck for your quit! It's my 4th year anniversary today and one of the best things I ever did. You can't ever imagine life without them, I smoked for 40 years. Now I wonder where I got the time to smoke (up to 40 a day!) and where I got the money.

    'Just take one day at a time, or even minute at a time is all it takes.

    Best of luck.... JJ69 :D

  • thank you everyone :D

    JJ69, 4 years is amazing! If you smoked 40 years I bet you were abit scared about that what if's but you made it well done! Gives me a little inspiration there :) xx

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