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Needed Some Help

Ok - This is my first post and I have never done anything like this before - so bare with me if I am doing this wrong. I am just reaching out for some help... I am on day 8 of being smoke free. I smoked a pack of cigarettes everyday for 27 years. This is the hardest thing I have ever done - and am feeling a little crazy. Does anyone know how long this will last? Sometimes I am a little dizzy - and I cry at the smallest things...... I have done this cold turkey - no nicotine substitutes. Since I have already gone 8 days - I would like to stay away from the patch, nicorette etc....

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Thank you so much for your tips! I will be sure to use them. I did read Allen Carr's "quit smoking the easy way"....twice. I think that is one of the reasons I have made it as long as I have. I think this forum will help me. I think i just needed to talk to people that knew what I was going through. Thank you so much for chiming in - I really do appreciate the help. :)


Hi and wecome to the club!! Congratulations you are doing great and alsready have that 1st awful week done. Everyday for the next few weeks you will go through most emotions that a human being will go through but you will find a way to get through, if you want it enough you will suprise yourself. I know you are going cold turkey but dont be afraid to seek extra help with NRT if you need it. Whatever it take NOT to put a cigarette in your mouth for the first few weeks.

Your doing great, keep focused and remind yourself every day why your doing this, its unreal how fast the weeks will roll by.

Jay :)


Thank you Jay Jay for the support! I am sure I will be reaching out several times throughout this process. I see you had your last cigarette back in July. Huge Congrats to you!!!! Is not smoking still a struggle for you? I am just curious if this is something I will have to battle for the rest of my life.


Forgot about the difference in how the dates are written. Thanks Max!


Well done Melzee,

Giving up smoking is the hardest thing i ever done. I smoked 30 a day for 20 years.

It felt like the end of the world when i gave up i had so made horrible side effects. I felt like i would never get through it. i was so depressed!!

I'm now 2 years and 5 months into my quit and i can honestly say i don't ever think about smoking anymore. I just kept thinking how dissapointed i would feel if i smoked and that seemed to get me through.

Just keep going and honestly you will do this. Just remember one puff will take you back to being a smoker.


Hey Melzee, welcome to the forum!! :) I don't think I can really add much else so I'll just say well done and keep on chugging! You're doing really great and this forum will work wonders if you need a good vent now and then!

Good luck and I look forward to seeing your posts as you rack up smokefree milestones! :D


I think this forum is exactly what I need. I needed to reach out to people who know what I am going through. Sarah Lou - thanks for the words of encouragement. Louiza!!!!! 2 years 5 months!!!!! FANTASTIC and I will be there one day too! I am so happy you chimed in to let me know that you were also very depressed after you quit and now you don't think about smoking at all! I think the thought that I will always want a cigarette is what has made me depressed. You have given me some hope that one day I won't even think about smoking. Thank you so much for helping people like me who are just starting out as a Non-Smoker. Day 10!!!!


Welcome to the site, and first of all - a huge well done for getting through that first week.

Loads of us really struggled to get our head in the right place at the beginning of our quit. It's tough when you're swimming through a kind of mental soup, trying to readjust to life without cigs. I think a lot of us go through a time of thinking 'maybe I'll always feel like this, maybe I'm not like everyone else and I'm just SO addicted that there's no point going on'. You're not alone, it's enough to get anyone down.

But like Louiza, I'm 2 and a half years quit and I can join the chorus telling you that IT WILL GET BETTER. You'll have good days and bad days, but keep taking it one day at a time, keep making the choice not to smoke TODAY, no matter what - let tomorrow take care of itself. And over time, your brain is reprogrammed and no longer constantly prompts you to smoke, and the journey will get easier. And there are sooo many benefits you'll start to feel, that every little bit of pain at the beginning is 100% worth it.

Read the link in my signature - it might help :)

Keep on keeping on!



Thank you Helen - you put it is like swimming through a mental soup....

I will keep on sawing away!!!! :)


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