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Hello day 1

Hi, so you have finally decided to quit well done!

I'm not going to sugar coat this, it will be hard at times.

But KNOW you CAN do this.

Few things you might like to try:

1: Make a smoking plan before you quit

2: Prepare yourself with the mind & tools you will need in your quit

3: Have as much support as you can get

4: Don't rush, take daily baby steps

Also try and recognise certain situation's in your life, that might put your quit at risk.

You might of had a cig & cuppa in the morning, ok so you no this, so prepare yourself before hand.

Have your tea at different times or do something different whilst having your tea.

Always remember to prepare yourself before hand, if need be change a situation so you are not tempted to smoke.

( Don't EVER let that nagging voice in your head say u can't do this, that's the HABIT playing with you )

Try anything that helps you to stay smoke free like, herbal tea, patches, hypnosis, exercise, talking in a forum and so on.

If one way does not work in your quit, try a different way.

I'm on day 57 first quit in my life, I started of just like you in Day1 forum.

And look I'm still here. ; )

Blessings sent to you all with your Quit.


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Top post Nadz things to think on

Were we born with a cig hanging out of our mouths. Answer no so its not a pre cursor to life.

Do you want to be tied to a habit that damages your health and emptys your pocket.

Ive smoked for 30 years near 20 a day as have most of the family here, we battle the deadly weed as a team. Whats required a positive frame of mind and a will to succeed.

If you fall of the wagon dont get down hearted get back on ASAP and learn from your mistakes. The family here will do nothing but share expeiriences and help you.


An amazing post! I might actually print this out and stick it next to my work computer. Its inspiring

Thank you Nadz


Thanks on the comments guys x

Thanks guys...x


Well said Nadz ..... all looks good to me - great post :)


Awesome Post, couldn't have been stated any better :)


Great post Nadz. Hope there are plenty of newbies/future newbies taking all of this in! :)


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