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Wow day 67

Still going strong and the days passing fast. Back on my diet now and have managed to loose a couple of pounds this week. Got more energy now so able to exercise more, which should help to take those extra pounds off. Not feeling the need to eat all the time now. Anyone reading this who has just started their journey to freedom, take heart and believe in the fact it really does get easier

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Thanks Jeannie, Well done and thanks for the encouragement! :)


YAY well done you :D


Way to go Jeannie :)

hope you have a great smoke free weekend hun



Ofc its works and it does get better jeannie and well done to you, thats a lot of days without nico, keep up the good work, your well on your way to beating the crap outta the wee bistard ^^ hahahaha aye i have a few beers in me but sure im happy cause im still not thinking about cigs even tho im on a quit smoking site ;)


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