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7week & 6 days wow


hi all im back, had a okay kind of holiday wasnt quite a relax infact it was a bit of a stress with the 2 younguns but a break away..............well im here still on quit, almost lapsed quite a few times in this week. & everytime i get to the lowest point i just remind myself that i cant afford it & buy myself something instead, every other reason goes out the window but that one ( the cost) & it works so a good thing

Today im okay though, i feel kind of happy i dont smoke anymore although a whiff of someone smoking nearby is nice sometimes....

i cant believe ive gone this far, it is so difficult at times & the further on in the quit the new enthusiasm like in the very beggining kind of fades but i will do this now its got to be forever coz i dont think i can get the strength to do it all over again xx thanks for listening x

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Hi KitKat :D

WOW almost 8 weeks well done you Big Hug

Not only thst but a smoke free holiday as well



Hi KitKat :D

Well done on your smoke free holiday - it sounds as if you had a bit f a time of it - but you won girl! You Won! :D

Well done - unpack your bags - there is tea, or wine if you prefer! I think there may be a few nibbles left. I'm making carrot cake tomorrow, so I'll leave it by the kettle. Help yourself!

Great going!!!!!! glad you resisted all holiday against the 'lure', nice to come back and say 'clear!' :)

and nearly 2 months already.. well done you :)

I know the initial enthusiasm may seem like its not quite the same, but the actual achievement is going from strength to strength isn't it eh!! In fact, could it just be that you are adjusting to the idea of being a non-smoker again?

Well done KitKat hunnie

You have done great first smoke free holiday they are always my downfall so good for you girl. I can agree with the money reson its the main thing that keeps me smoke free. Welcome home hunnie.xxxxx

Yay well done- I too find holidays and social occasions hard

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