Lost count

I lost count which day it is. Also, does having 1 siggie (or half of it) count as starting over - it made me so sick to the stomach I never want to start again:eek:.

This was most probably a blessing in disguise as I constantly wanted to smoke just that last one - you know that feeling. However, after being sick for an hour I'm cured from wanting to have just that last one - this makes quitting so much easier.;)

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  • Not wanting or needing a smoke the whole day so far!

  • Apparently today is Day 12 (minus 1 for yesterday's blip on the radar).

  • Obviously it's entirely up to you, but for what it's worth I'd go back to day 1.

    Again just my 2p but my quit started when I stubbed my last fag out - 11:30-ish PM on 10/12/12, up to that point I was a smoker, from then I wasn't.

    If I had one now, then I'd go back to day 1 'cos *I* couldn't say I'd been 20 weeks smoke free, except for that time I got angry/drunk/stressed or whatever.

  • Well, i am very proud of you. I saw how you did yesterday. You did not even smoke when I did. Which is why Im quitting again. I dont like smoking alone, and kissing an ashtray is not much fun either.

    You did so good and I messed it up, and I am very sorry for that. Well done on coming this far!

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