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Day 30

Well, today is the 30th day of not smoking. Strange, but I don't feel like celebrating. I still don't feel like a ex smoker. I still picture myself smoking... I don't want to start again. But deep down inside, I am not ready to quit. I honestly do not understand it...

So for now still, I am a ex smoker. I am forcing myself to quit for as long as possible.

Hubby still doing ok I guess. He quit Champix due to vision problems, shakes and sleeplessness. He is now day 10 and sleeps whenever he can. That's one way of dealing with it I guess! Lol!:p

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Hi LiquidIce76 we all have these niggles me included Im on day 40 and the monster still wants me to think it was not my time to quit.

However lets analyse this, when should I quit when I am lying in a hospital ward dying of lung cancer or enthasemia or when I have some lung function left that I can utilise.

I cant say Im finding stopping easy at times but we need to work on the positives, Im definately have more oxygen running round my system I can actually walk up hills without being totally out of breath , and I am starting to enjoy my food so much more.

Health & Wealth work for me




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