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Hello everyone I'm new and need showing the ropes lol!


Ok so I'll introduce myself... I'm Jane and I'm 22. I live with my fiance of 2 and a half years. We also have 2 dogs. I work as a trainee office manager.

We are having financial problems at the moment and I have alays tried to quit smoking but never succeeded!! So now I have no money for cigs until tomorrow I thought it would be ideal to try and quit and spend the money on bills instead.

I have 1 cig this morning at 8am, so my quitting time was 9am. Does anyone have any tips on staying same while quitting? And doing it and not caving in when I have money again?

Thanks... and sorry for the ramble!

xxxx jane xxxx

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Hello jane Welcome to the site x x :D

Start making a plan, write down things you can do instead,

[*]Read a book,

[*]go for a walk,

[*]Draw a picture,

[*]deep breathing relaxation,

[*]chew gum,


[*]write a poem,


Then write down ways to reward your self for reaching certain goals

[*]1 hour ~ tea and cake

[*]5 hours ~ Paint your nails

[*]1 day ~ have a long soak in a bubble bath with a magazine

When you have the money, keep the money you would usualy spend on cigs in a jar, so you can see how much you save and when you pay a debt / bill remind yourself of how it was only possible 'cos you was not smoking!!

These are just ideas of course you can choose your own things :D lollol

Sipping water through the days and eating little and often help too

Hope this helps

Good luck keep us posted

Welcome! :)

Quitting isn't just stopping, it's a whole change of lifestyle. You'll probably need something to occupy yourself so now is the time to take up a new hobby, activity, exercise etc.

If the money you save is going on bills, then you need to do something for free. I'm thinking those dogs are going to get walked ragged during these lighter evenings....?

Also most people find that the urges get worse before they get better, so be prepared to have masses of willpower. Have a read through some of these posts to get an idea of what others have done. If things get bad then you should consider nicotine patches, inhalers, gum etc. Some say hypnotism works, others read self-help books and tapes. There is no correct way of doing it! You may have to try different methods and find out which is best for YOU!

Good luck and let us know how you are doing.


thanks for your replies. to be honest i want to try it without nicotine patches etc as we are trying for a baby. we have been trying for 21 months with no luck... and smoking will be playing a small part in that i am sure.

so i am going completely on willpower. this morning i did well as i usually have 3 on the way to work... then at lunch i have 2 more.. then on the way home ill smoke another 2... then in the evening i can smoke up to 10!!!

so... so far i have had 2 less than normal. because i did have 1 this morning (was the last in the pack... you know what smokers are like... dont like wasting any lol).

already i feel anxious and moody. i guess it doesnt help that i am on fertility tablets that mess up my hormones and moods already lol.

i have £2.50 to last me the whole day. usually i would of bought cigs this morning and starved all day with no lunch because the money would have gone on the cigs. so instead i am going to go to the bakery and buy my normal lunch (cheese and onion pasty and an iced finger lol) and then i will have around £1 left.

So i was thinking buying some kind of sweet that i can have while working and while walking home? any ideas?

i work on reception so i cant have lollies or gum as i need to be able to still talk properly and politely on the phone lol.

i can feel my anger rising... i guess this is why i never quit for good. it's like when you dont get fed for 3 days and you get the angry, anxious feeling cos you know you want it but no you cant lol.

i have only managed about 2 hours maybe not even that. usually it wouldnt bother me until lunch time as id know i would get 1... but today i feel all over the place lol xxx

Tic tacs?

Remember it's not going to be easy so try to relax into it x x

Perhaps you could go sit on the toilet for 1-2 mins and take a few deep breaths from time to time if it gets hard.

Reception :D cool you can imagine everyone who walks by, personal lives and make up stories about them, or imagine them naked :D

All distracting ideas may help you x

Take it hour by hour and remember to reward yourself albeit a sweetie or a phone call to a friend anything to get you through.

Think of what your saving your future baby ~ child ~ teenager ~ adult, from by not smoking during pregnancy and around them.

thinking of you x hang on in there you can do it x

Tic tacs?

I think it's spelt TACTICS :D :D

I think that your body may really feel it when it doesn't get your usual evening fix. Start thinking now about what you will be doing this evening to take your mind off stuff.

I think it's spelt TACTICS

:D :D

:D very good volcano! :D hehe


this is soooooo hard! ive eaten a sausage roll. a cheese and onion pasty. an iced finger and lots of sweets.

and i still feel like i cant cope!

if only i didnt work as then i would be able to sleep pml xx

Lol yes sleepings good :D cant you do clever eye make up that makes you look like your eyes are open?! :D

It is hard but not for long x x a few days out of the whole of your life! worth while to save your life don't you think?

You can stick with it x keep eating and looking through peoples clothes :D lol

Come on Babe you can do it the first few days are hard but its the rest of your life. Think of the money you will save. that was why I quit at first but there are so many other benifits. Just think when you do have a baby it will live in a nice clean non smoky house. When I go to a smokers house now I see how much my own must of stunk. Love Linda

Hi Doyoubelieve

Keep with it - lots of things contribute to the having of kids - my sister had one and then tried for nine years for another!!.. made the desicion to take life forward with no more kids and then had two more kids...so what I'm saying is try not to stress and don't see quitting as a stress...it's positive, it's brilliant, it's just right.

I used to work in a call centre (not for long!!!) but we used to suck lollies cos you can take them out of your mouth when a call comes through, make all your paperwork sticky and them pop them back in!!!!

Best wishes

Loopy XX

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