I last had a cigarette over a week ago. The cravings haven't been too much of a problem apart from when I met a friend for a few drinks on Monday night, I didn't succumb though. Ever since Tuesday morning's hangover though, I have been feeling depressed and unsure of myself. My performance and concentration at work (relatively new job, yet to prove myself) has been noticeably poor.

Has anyone got any tips for getting over these psychological withdrawal symptoms?



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  • Hangover

    Hi . I know what you mean. For me a hangover means multiple ciggies. The obvious answer is not to drink too much but that is really difficult when you're drinking with a mate. I find that when I crave a smoke I'm not really craving the ciggie but getting drawn into a kinda behavioural habit like a cup of coffee is associated with having a puff, or certain situations automatically mean having a ciggie. If you don't succumb and simply wait a few minutes the desire will disappear.

    You've done really well so far God it must have been really difficult to experience that hangover and not have a cigarette , well done, it shows what resolve you have. The trick I find is to STOP and breathe deeply a few times, then to continue with whatever activity you are doing. The thought will disappear and you will be ok , but it will recurr time and time again after all this is an addiction. But you should congratulate yourself and show yourself some love and kindness. You have my love and respect... Jonno

  • Well done mate and welcome.

  • Thanks very much :)

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