No Smoking Day
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Really starting to struggle for some reason.

Not getting craves as such but just really fancy a nasty stick.

I am having a goood talk to myself and not going to cave in.

Can't really put my finger on the reason, maybe its just the old nicodemon rattliing his cage.

Its the second week on the lower stage patch so don't think it's that but won't be dropping to next stage yet. Would much rather feel happier before dropping down another level again

Think i just feel like i am missing something when I know i'm not.

was really hoping my breathing would be a little better but still puffed out when i move to fast (Like dashing up stairs).

Excuse the rumblings of a little old woman. Just feeling sorry for myself when I should be happy. grumble grumble grumble as I leave

Think i will count money I have saved, might cheer me up

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Welcome about the Rollercoaster that is called Quit Smoking. Our emotions are all over the place just now, so what you are feeling is all par for the course I'm afraid.

I wouldn't worry about lowering the patches, you can really be on the stronger strength for as long as your feel is required, just do what your body tells you. Thats what my Pharmacist advised me. I didn't step down as per instructions on the box and stayed on the high strength for about 8 weeks I think before finally dropping.

Stay strong my love:)

Fi x


Aww dear, I'm sorry you're struggling!!

It's pretty common I think - had it myself, but it does go away again :)

It might be an idea to (re)read Allen Carr, 'cos he deals very well with the "missing out" feelings, certainly did mine!!

It's great that you're not going to cave in - keeping that thought going is important, as is realising you're not missing out - other than that, distract yourself and ride it out. It doesn't last forever!!


You would have to change your name from "want to smell nice" to "smell like an ashtray".

Not much of a choice here - your doing great!!! :D


Hiya WTSN, I hope you're feeling better now and the wants and been kicked into touch.

Thinking of you

Molly x


I am hanging in there.

Just keeps washing over me in waves.

Munching choc covered peanuts


sorry to hear you are having a tough day but stop and think how far you have come. Its a rotten time but the alternative is worse, dig deep and focus as I'm sure you can get through this.

Counting up the £££ is also very motivating :D

take care

Donna x


Hello my friends

I am glad to report that I am feeling a lot better today.

Not felt like a misery old cow today.

I have even brought myself some wool to knit a toy dog. Well it will keep my hands busy.

When i got out of my car today at the car park somebody must have smoking nearby as i could smell the most disgusting smell of stale fag smoke,. yuck yuck yuck, was enough to make my stomach heave.

Off to go and make a curry for dinner later.


I know how you feel. I too have really bad days when all I think about is having a smoke, then other days I am fine. Think it's all par for the course. Thing is we are staying resolute in our quits. We can and we will do this cos the alternative is worse.


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