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10 minutes until day 15 begins... Have just come back downstairs to the living room after having a tearful melt down, but at least I resisted the urge to pop to the shops...little voice still telling me to - I know I won't - but the voice is loud!!! :(

I've been doing so well, but am feeling really sh***y this evening. I'll keep reading the posts on here as they've helped me lots up 'til now.

POSITIVE thoughts :D forced smiles...

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DM by now you know it's not easy some days, just hang on in there you are doing brilliantly, remember that you just need to not smoke today, and tomorrow will sort itself out.

Stay strong, it's worth the battle :)


Sorry to hear you are having a bad evening DM. Believe me, you will feel far worse if you give in. This moment will pass and you will come out of it the other side stronger. Maybe a warm bath and take yourself off for an early night ready to face a new day stronger than ever.

Gaynor x

Hiya DM. Pip is right it isn't easy some days, just keep struggling, split the day up if you have to. As you have seen it does get better. You may only have to through all this crap once, just don't give in to that little B sat on your shoulder just tell it to piss off. It would be a shame to waste that 15 days, you've done great up to now. David

DM fellow October quitter, don't let me down mate. You're doing so, so well. I had a nearly "let's pop to the shops" afternoon the end I went to bed with a favourite DVD. It's just your mind trying to get you to have are stronger than this addiction, you are in control. Now listen to me and do not have a fag, you will not feel any better if you have one, in fact you will feel worse as you will have let your addiction win.

As smaltzy as this sounds and from the brilliant film Hook "I believe in you".

Lisa X

Thanks for the encouragement :)

Off for a bath then bed...will be stronger tomorrow - here's to not smoking!

Hope you're feeling better

Danger Mouse

Hope you're feeling better today and resisted the urge to light up!!! I stopped smoking many years ago and did not resist the urge one evening. The feeling of disappointment was overwhelming, far worse than the craving for a fag. Keep going and well done for getting this far!!!


Stopped on 16 October 2011 :D

Hi Jo,

Feeling a lot better than last night thanks, but still not in a great place...cravings are doing my head in! The nicotine is now out of my system, I know (no NRT since last Saturday night), but the habit is still strong. (It has pretty much been like a best mate for the past 18yrs so no surprises, eh!)

I didn't give in last night so that's positive and also haven't today :) I will NEVER be a smoker again and I need to keep telling myself that, but it's so hard at times - as I know everyone on here knows...comforting that I'm not alone.

I WILL ride this stage out by continuing to read and post on here as well as reading 'my reasons for not smoking' that are stuck on the fridge! (I see the note so often as I'm always in the

Here's to not smoking!

Donna - AKA DangerMouse

well done :Dfor not giving into the nicotine devil it will try all the tricks to tempt you into smoking but as long as you just take each craving as it comes along and keep yourself busy you will get through it and come out the other side it does get better and the cravings will lessen

coming on here helped me to start with as everyone on here knows exactly what your going through plus remembering the reasons why you gave up in the first place and writing a list or posting on here the reasons and just rereading it

i also put a daily reminder each day on my phone to remind me of how long it had been since i last had one



Thanks, Carol :) I've just put in 6 weeks worth of reminders in my phone -I'll put a few more in during my next craving...:)

well it keeps your hand and mind busy doing that :p which is what you need :D

'Strange how we can long for a piece of paper rolled around some poisonous substance which we then set light to and puff on!!'

Ridiculous! It's statements like this one that keep me going...

Thanks for the reminder :)

...and sites like this...

someone posted it on here a while back that I've just found.

Well done for toughing it out, Donna. I think every time you win one of these battles, you come out the other end that bit stronger....

You are doing really well! :D

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