No Smoking Day
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keep forgeting i used to smoke

ok i know its over two years now but this year i have really forgot for days even a weeks at a time that i used to smoke its only when i smell one [or walk into a cloud of pewtrid smoke] that it really registers in my mind

for a long while even though i was strong in my quit i felt i needed to keep it at the forfront of my mind in order to stay strong but recently my sub conscious and concious mind has let it go with out me really noticing and i have realised i dont need to keep it at the forfront in order to stay strong anymore

i was the addict of all addicts when it came to smoking [lowest point unrolling dog ends re-rolling them and smoking them again] so this is a real revelation to get to this point

basically if i can do it anyone can

here is a good place to be and its completely achievable


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Oh wow, how fab is that?

Am looking forward to the day I can say the same thing!!

Thanks for posting 'cos it's really encouraging :)


Your transformation is awesome Boo. From full on addict to who u are now.A modern day miracle. You really are fantastic. You've blown away a mountain.

Mash x



Have loved reading your stories. And to be at the stage that you have reached, wow, I can't wait to feel the same way.

Fi x


i know just how you feel boo!! you are great!!:D


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