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No Smoking Day
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keep forgetting im a non smoker

over these past few days iv been having lots of stress as iv posted. anyway today was by far the WORST!!:eek: cigs have come through my mind more over these last 3 days then ever BUT i didnt smoke:) thing is i kept on thinking ok when im done with work ill have a smoke and feel better...then it comes to me that i wont be doing that cuz i dont smoke anymore...so then im driving home from work and i think..ok ill have a cig now...then again it comes to me that i dont smoke..and so on and so forth...im sure you get the picture:o it has been going on all day!!:eek: but the important part is im making it through and tomorrow is day 23...well done to all my fellow non smokers!!

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everyone is sleeping when i post!!! lol


You know, I keep making posts and then lose it when I go to send or this time I just edited it and the whole thing vanished.:(

Basically the post I wrote just said "it'll pass :)"

It's just habit and we've all been there.

Now go get some sleep.

Oh!! Just saw your location hahahaha. Thought you were some nightshift worker or something :D

Sit tight and you'll get more replies soon - we're all waking up now :)


I keep forgetting too...i get out the bath n think right will av a cig before washing bath out. After work is the worst i used to look forward finishing work for a cig.Suppose it will get into our heads eventually.




This has been happening to me too and in some what's it is actually quite nice to suddenly remind yourself that you don't smoke when you find yourself Going Into smoking autopilot.


Just noticed your location setting Steve. It certainly seems that way once you've stopped doesn't it :)


Well to be honest I really only motive it when I am awake


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