No Smoking Day
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Hello Week 2!!!

Woohoo here I am on Day 8

How are you all? Alls good here! I found today fine, noticed I'm needing less of my little nicotine extras. Normally I would use the inhaler with my cuppa in the morning but I didn't need it this morning and also didn't have no lozenge after sooner so feeling quite pleased

For some reason I had a bit of a panic when I thought about how I would cope if I ever let myself out on a nite out. When I think of smoking now, it somehow doesn't seem appealing but when I think of drink I think it almost comes attached. I think this is my biggest association which I need to work on breaking before venturing out!

Still reading away and listening to the Allen Carr audiobook (for about the 5th time) so hopefully it will all 'click' with me soon! But so far so good!!

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Stupid phone!!!

That meant to read I didn't need a lozenge after my dinner!


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