Hello Week 2 :)

So, here I am, I made it, YaY!. Entered week two just over an hour ago and I'm feeling pretty pleased with myself :)

I've spent the weekend pretty much hiding away from the world, until tonight, we went out for dinner. Had a huge craving when I finished my meal but it soon disappeared and I got through it :)

I've decided to wash ALL my clothes, even the "clean" ones in the wardrobe smell of stale smoke.

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  • Hi

    Yeah making it to week two is worth a clean out celebration x well done and I'm impressed you made it through the after dinner craving without too much trouble. I saved going out for dinner till about week four and still struggled! I hope you have that lovely proud feeling today you deserve it x

  • What a great idea Ananke - that kind of celebration/moving on is really helpful, I think. I remember cleaning, hoovering and scrubbing the inside of my car on my day 8!

    Also well done on going out for a meal and beating that crave - that's a big milestone! 4777777777777777777777777777777777777777777777777777747


    Cat attack! Shoo, Bobbins!

  • First to say welcome Ananke. And great going on getting into week two. The days will fly by! It's a good place to be posting and supporting on here.

  • Think it was around week 2 when I had a need to paint my lounge. Meals are hard, but the next one will be easier. :) x

  • NICE going Ananke, Week one under your belt . Get ready to loosen that belt another notch and start making room for week 2:)

    Have a great smoke free day – coz you wouldn't want to stink up all that nice clean washing!!

  • Very well done!!!! The first week or so is quite tough but now it's beating that psychological thing.... sounds like you are doing this admirably :)

  • Good going getting through week one, and being brave to dine out. Yes I too had to wash my clothes couldn't stand the smell when I opened my wardrobe. I never smoked inside the house ever but strangely my home smells fresher since I quit. Keep strong were all with you

  • I only ever smoked in the kitchen at the window, can't believe that when I came through the front door today all I could smell was stale smoke. It really does get everywhere.

  • Only just seen this, WOW WOW WOW, amazing, isn't it wonderful doing so very well, bet you couldn't imagine getting this far?

    A huge well done from me.

    Keep going my lovely read and pits often it helps

  • Thanks everyone :) Day 8 is over now and the time between cig thoughts seems to be getting longer.

    I blew a zero on the carbon monoxide reader at the pharmacy today, last week it was 27.

  • That's very good, your carbon monoxide. You must live in the countryside! Mine would not go below 3. Which is so much better than 27 when I first started on this journey

  • I live in the city so I was quite surprised.

  • Hmm,interesting. That's even better!

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