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Hello I made it to week 2 so thought I'd say hello!


Good Morning everyone,

I have been smoke free for over a week now and having read your posts last week for support I have made it to week 2!!!

As such I thought I'd join in now as I'm still very positive and feeling good, not the normal where I have fallen back into the arms of the evil nicotine.

Thankyou for all your unknowing support over the first week and fingers crossed it continues in the same positive way!!


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Hi Gav,

Well done on reaching 2 weeks...... feeling positive is where you should be and stay there :D

Thanks Pete,

This forum has really helped with the positive feelings so combined with seeing my smokefree app increasing all is good.


Hello Gav & welcome!

Being on here has given me a lot of support and I hope it gives you all the support you need to kick smoking's @ss :)

There are so many great posts on this forum that you really only scratch the surface in a day hahaha so my advice is to dig deep and read up as much as you can :)

Shaz x


Thanks for the welcome, and your posts over the last week or so as you're at the same point as me made it easier knowing it wasn't just me.:)


Well Gav, feel free to look at all my posts with what I have been gonig through however take no notice of the post which conserns the 'blip' I had as it was a moment of weakness never to be repeated!

I hope all is going smoothly for you and if you need any help just holla :)

Shaz x

Having posted all my comments about being positive I came the closest yet to caving minutes after these comments, when arguing with the senior project engineer in the office.

Although I'm leaving for a new job soon that doesn't make him right!! nor does the fact that i fixed something in 5 mins that he'd allegedly spent 2 hours over this morning!! he still will not admit I am right and he is mistaken ( he's never wrong).:mad::mad:

However after a cup of tea and two rants!! this being one, the craving has passed along with the urge to harm said project engineer, This would normally have sent me straight outside for several cigs, today though I haven't and that is the most positive sign yet:D:D


You managed to get over this hurdle and by the sounds of it was a big one! I hope you feel very proud of yourself, We are all very proud of you!!!

Rant away, I have in the past and it does help strangley to type out a good rant on here LOL

Shaz x

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