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No Smoking Day
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Good bye week 2 and hello week 3

Well I made it to day 15 and I really feel great about it. Everyday it's hard watching others enjoy smoking, but hey, are they really? They are likely thinking I should quit but just don't got the umf to do it. I saw two 14 year old boys lighting up yesterday... Now I may be getting old but I said to my self, enjoy it ya little bastards, because when you want to stop the fun won't be there. Pardon my language but that's the way I thought about it...I'm trying to get my wife to quit..I think she will but I hope she doesn't until I know I've conquered this.

Hope everyone has a good day tomorrow.........5 years from now we can look back and wonder what was so hard about quitting.


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hi there

you dont need to apologise for your language because what you say is so true. i so hope my children never smoke! my eldest is 14 (he is severley disabled so i no he will never smoke) but i look at him in all his innocence and think back to when i was that age and it makes me so angry with myself to think that by that age i was regulary puffing away on a ciggarete, disgusting!!! you just dont realise when your young, although they have so much more info on the dangers now they just still dont seem to get it, i wonder if the ban thats out now will make any difference to them?


Morning Joe x x

Grats on day 15!

I hope I have shown my kids how hard quitting is!! and that not smoking in the first place is the best way!

Heres to our children not smoking, are spouses quitting and to being smoke free in 5 years time! :D



I'll drink to that


:D Cheers :D


Firstly, congratulations - you are doing very very well and should be proud of yourself!

Secondly, you seem to have a negative outlook on other people who choose to smoke.

Quitting smoking is fantastic, well done - you're body loves you for it.

But it doesn't make you better than people who do smoke.

Quitting smoking is a personal choice, which you believe makes your life better. It doesn't make you a superior being to people who are still addicted to nicotine!



Where did that come from?? If you can quote me on where I considered myself a superior being I would appreciate that. I'm not sure where I said I was better then a smoker anywheres...Were you taking a nicotine fit when you typed this? I never type during a craving lmao


er... breakdown in communication me thinks!:confused:

Any hoo! Well done on making it to week 3. Just made it here myself!:)

Keep up the good work!

I have been quit for 2 Weeks, 1 Day, 8 hours, 56 minutes and 11 seconds (15 days). I have saved £28.43 by not smoking 230 cigarettes. I have saved 19 hours and 10 minutes of my life. My Quit Date: 01/07/2007 00:00


hi there

no one has claimed to be superior, and no one is looking down on people who smoke. (its an addiction, just like drugs and alcohol) i have lost people to all three of these, i would not make fun of it. we simply feel its a shame that people (particualy young ) are still happily puffing away and there crazy for doing so. i personally would not have a problem with someone thinking i must be crazy if i was puffing away on a cigg because with all the evidence we have in this day and age of how dangerous it is to your life and of those around you "it is crazy"

anyway no arguments on here please, we are all suffering with an addiction we are trying to shake off and we need to help each other feel better not wind each other up into a state of thinking we need a cig even more.

:eek: be happy:)


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