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Day 20

Here I am on day 20 of my quit and the misery of the last few days has left me today. Don,t know where those horrible cravings came from, but I have managed to send them on their way. The app on my phone tells me I have not smoked 441cigs and have saved 90.57 euros. Incredible amount of cigs I would have smoked, this little app is a great little tool. Went to a friends birthday party last night and thoroughly enjoyed myself, life is so much better without nicotine. Did not need to keep going out in the cold to feed my disgusting habit.

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Well done!

Hi Jeannie,

Yesterday was day 22 for me, amd I don't know how I'd have got through it without the guys on this forum.

That little nicotine bugger really sneaks up when you're least expecting it, doesn't he?

I honestly felt like a crazy woman!

Well done for riding through the bad times!

it feels great when you finally get through :D


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