No Smoking Day
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Saved myself from so many cigs already!! ;)

It's after midnight which means I am now on day 36.... If I'd carried on puffing away I would have smoked another 720 (omg!!!!!) ciggys in this time..... And spent around £300 on them....

Biggest shock for me is the 720 ciggys that I haven't smoked !!!!! Madness...

I've missed smoking SO BAD at times that I've wanted to cave in... BUT I most definitely haven't missed all those 720 ciggys... No where near... Yuk pretty gross really that's a load of cigs in such a short time really... I worked it out on 20 a day - I didn't always smoke that many.. But on stressy Days I probably would have - But still....

Oh yuk....

Healthy me now !!! ;)

Hope everyone has had a good day.. And survived another nicotine free day :)


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A good positive attitude - well done. :)


Well done Lelly!!:D


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