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day 5, weird dream

So just starting day 5. I wore a 24 hour patch last night for the first time and i wanted to share my wild and whacky dreams

first I dreamt of V-bombers bombing my village.

the 2nd dream i was at a house in the country side and there were cows in the field opposite. One was thudding its back leg and as rabbits do this i figured it was unhappy. Next thing, the cows were escaping on to the road. So I tried to herd them back in to the field. One grabbed my hand in its mouth and tried to drag me with it back to the field. I got free and i had a cut across the top of my finger and it was dripping. My BFs mum took me back into the house to clean it and it was a tiny cut across my cuticle. I said "great a cut across the cuticle bleeds forever" I said it out loud in my sleep and my bf responded with eh what?? and that woke me up.

So lets interpret the dream.... Maybe im subconsciously scared of being dragged back in to the field of smokers by cows :-O

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Magic bunny meets mad-cow. :D LOL


lol non smokers do it better for longer! Thats brilliant!


Oh you're going to get lots of them if you leave your patch on overnight!!

Some of mine were really scary :eek:



Oh the dreams whilst on the patches were brilliant for me and so real.

I was just so busy, mainly doing bank heists!! Move over Oceans Eleven:)

Fi x

Presently cruising the world, currently in the Maldives, on the proceeds of my Bank Jobs!


I had the worst night's sleep when I kept the patches on overnight, I felt like I hadnt slept a wink!

I thought I really needed to wear it as mornings were the worst for me but I cant function at all after a poor nights sleep so I take the patch off around at 8pm and pop one on first thing in the morning and I'm doing grand thankfully :D

If your enjoying the dreams though, I'd say keep it on lol!!


It's odd, I didn't get any dreams for the first few weeks and kept the patches on 24/7 - then they started and I got them every night. Then one night I was, um, "tired and emotional" :p and left the thing on 'cos i forgot to take it off and wow - very vivid dreams about all kinds!!

Should have done Champix 'cos you get fun ones on that!!


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