Weird dreams!

So I am onto day 2 and back to work, don't you just hate Mondays! Got my 2nd patch on and I will be honest I have got cravings but the patches are helping, and I am fighting the temptations.

I got to sleep fine last night but had a crazy dream, I was with my ex girlfriend on a plane to Paris and the plane landed at london city airport as there where problems and we was searching our phones on google to find contact details for someone in Paris, god knows what that was about then I suddenly woke up around 6ish, I've read this is expected when on patches.

I look forward to tonights dream lol.

It hasn't been hard as I expected and I shall carry on. Best get back to work now.


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  • Nikhil, well done on your second day. mondays are rubbish! I have to work til 7.30pm tonight rather than 4pm so times dragging on!!

    I had really strange and sometimes "fruity" dreams when I had patches they fade away as you reduce your dosage.

    stick with it you are doing great!

  • Hi Nikhil,

    Well done on getting through the first day. And by now a good chunk through the second day too. :D

    The cravings will come, but you can be just as sure that they will go, too! They only last a couple of minutes, and each one you get through is one less to face and another step on yourt smoke-free future. Stay strong, and here's to seeing you on Day 3.


  • Hi Nikhil :D

    Well done you on day 2 you're doing just fine it is perfectly normal to have these craves just continue as you are and fight them

    They will get easier with time Promise

    As for the weird dreams there are normal as well and will also settle down in time


    Marg xxxxxxxx

  • Hi Nikhil,

    Good job well done and you are nearly through day 2

    Weird dreams are normal on patches I had them on a previous stop when I used patches.

    The cravings will lessen each day as Marg said carry on fighting them.

    Good luck




  • Many thanks guys, cravings have passed away, kept myself busy at work, now time to do some exercise to improve me lungs and fitness.

    I feel alive not inhaling all that smoke, smoking use to tire me out at the end of the day after work.

  • Hi Freemyself.

    Well done on your quit so far. I too had dreams when wearing the patches but mine weren't fruity just weird LOL.

    I have started taking my patch off before I go to bed & that seems to have cured it.

    It is so lovely having all this energy because your body is not full of c**p. Am enjoying every second of it :D

    Love Gaynor xx

  • REM sleep and recovery

    my dreams last night would put most hollywood blockbusters to shame!!

    When i was doing psychology a-level at school years ago, we had to learn about the effects of various addictions on the mind and sleep.

    Its a pretty well known fact that when you drink a lot, which often goes hand in hand with smoking a lot, You don't get very much REM sleep (dreaming). So when people stop putting whatever poisonous substance into their bodies the natural rhythms (never can spell that word!) go back to normal. Dreaming or REM sleep has been linked with the brain making memories and repairing damage to its self.

    Loads of studies have shown that drug addicts in rehabilitation have 2-3 times more REM sleep than a normal heathly adult. And sleep a lot more as their brains are trying to repair and catch up with all the REM sleep, that they have missed during the addiction phase where dreaming was repressed.

    I dare say some of us (me included) are experiencing a milder version of this maybe.

  • Weird Dreams

    Gosh I had terrible dreams for first few weeks, with the patches, and I didnt have them on at night.... But as u go down the strengths they disappear... Keep up the good work though, its well worth the end result :)

  • Weird Dreams


    My husband has started having the weird dreams, and he has never smoked he he. He told me this morning that he had dreamed that I started smoking and we had a big fall out and he was really upset. Bless him I told him I think he is having quit sympathy and having the bad dreams for me.




  • I had a weird dream at the beginning of my quit, I was in a war and everything was all cold and dreary, I even woke up crying it felt so real.

  • Oh no...

    I have weird dreams when I've been on the fags and today I started on patches. Does that mean I'll dream about sitting behind a desk tonight? What a bore.. will let you know :D

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